Thursday, January 05, 2023

Back for a brief report...

I'm still alive, for those who happen to visit looking for me... Since my websites STILL are not up.  But I've ben having some fun on twitter dealing with BAD MALE BEHAVIOR (aka Mises Caucus EXPOSED.)

Bad male behavior a constant theme in my - and most womens' - lives as I look back on 74 years... don't get me started here today...  

Oh goody, I just searched and there's a website about it already....

Re: my June 2022 post below, it took me 10 months to get the second dose of shingles medicine I needed to kill off the virus that was infecting my spine. Ain't semi-socialized medicine great!?! (Note: shingles can keep coming back 4, 5 6 or more times, though most doctors don't know that.)

Treatment probably cost Medicare $40K because doctors wanted to cover their asses and not diagnose or treat fast enough or even sufficiently.  And, no, this un-vaxed person still hasn't gotten Covid-19, thank lots of zinc, D3, B1, garlic, and other antivirals and other nutrients. (Knock my wooden head!)

But I got pumped up with corticosteroids that eventually suppressed most of the inflammation and radiculopathy that nearly crippled both hands/arms and my left leg (from sciatica).  The doctors don't warn you but: some of those drugs make you horny as a little bitch/prick and others make you rage like a maniac.  The rage happily has dissipated but I'm letting a big of horny-ness remain.

As writing this I was wondering what the internet (ala duckduckgo) has to say about me now that my websites have been down for a year. (This month I'll get drafts up, I promise!) Particularly CarolMoore.Net and Secession.Net

I discovered that someone put my book THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE up on Wikipedia last year. Yay! I had a Carol Moore article up about me twice at Wikipedia. That first was dinged as not notable enough (even though it's almost the same sourced one as Carol Moore on LPedia.)  Leftie critics who didn't like libertarians got it removed. Then a wacko Brit critic of feminists wrote a nasty and poorly sourced version which I supported getting deleted. It was. 

Fun factoids about Carol. But in the course of the cyclical collapse and big bang expansion of the universe, does it really matter?

So will Carol finally finish (i.e., actually write) her GREAT WORK: "Consciousness and Community: Transcending God and State" (the draft of which I'll build online starting from an article previously posted on my website).  And finish my bio "I Chose the Apple". Or will she still let herself get distracted by shiny - or more often aggravating - objects personal and political? Nothing like that immediate negative/positive feedback? Time will tell.

Meanwhile some of my best memes created and shared in 2022:

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