Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer fun mocking alt-white boys - Part II

Continued from Part I, a review of the Alt-right attempted invasion of the Libertarian Party and my MEME pushback - and LP's post-Charlottesville demand they resign from the party.  Just because it's great to see the chronology. I just hope it is END OF STORY!!!

Over the last 10 years a lot of young people have come into the libertarian movement and party influenced by Arch Abortion Prohibitionist Ron Paul and most of them are not right wing or alt-right or white nationalists. (Some white nationalist actively support abortion for non-whites!) So I made this meme as a play on a Ron Paul book title and cover.

Note that my tasks for the Pro-choice Libertarians group also have been severely restricted the last two months by dealing with this alt-right nonsense!  But I did make a couple relevant memes.

And then there are the types of "libertarians" who think we should get rid of the non-aggression principle as the basis of the libertarian movement and of membership in the party. "Do not use force or fraud on others" is a variation of the "Do unto others" Golden Rule. So I have been whipping this one out frequently.

Some libertarians started anti-racism and anti-fascism Facebook pages. In May Libertarian State Leadership Alliance 2017 National Conference presented its panel "Physically Removed, So to Speak: Making the LP Inhospitable to the Alt-Right and Other Nazis" with Josh Katz, Jody Weitzman, Mike Shipley, and Leslee Anne Petersen. I wrote a summary and distributed it widely.  The Libertarian Party twitter feed sent out a screenshot of the event. Several of us demanded stronger action.


I wasted more time reading about and being anxious about Trump's war threats and wondering if he's just looking for an excuse to impose martial law, a nice little war that won't start any nuclear war. I've got it: He'll invade Venezuela!!  With Trump's delusional dementia getting so much worse, it is scary to think the generals will end up running the US.  Even if Pence replaces Trump, will one of them run against him in 2020 and make it an official JUNTA with a bunch of his "Hoo Ya" military buddies?

This June anti- Alt-right and Antifa meme was even more popular than the more recent one in my Part I of this two part posting.

A lot of libertarians breathed a sigh of relief when Augustus Invictus joined the GOP. Maybe the LP Veteran Caucus would follow him back to the GOP!  Then came the weekend of August 11-13 and all hell broke lose in Charlottesville and online. 

If you haven't see the HBO VICE NEWS video below, watch it.  Really shows this group of "alt-right" guys aren't just jerks with a few nut jobs thrown in. Or the relatively innocuous "League of the South" types of the early 2000s who would shut up any bigots who went spouting off publicly while they networked with libertarians and decentralists. (Looks like they've gone REAL bad too!) These groups are now organized and dangerous bigots.  A few individuals passed through the libertarian movement the last 10 years because they found it to be the most organized hardcore anti-government movement.  But happily they soon realized their kind of crazy wasn't wanted and left... Don't let the occasional libertarian-sounding rhetoric fool you.  It's pretty clear they want to obtain their ends through the organized violence of the state just like the Demopublicans and the Bernie bros. (Oh, Geez. They helped Augustus Invictus and his new buddy Richard Spencer just proved it by issuing this incredibly statist "alt-right" "Charlottesville Statement". "Liberty" isn't there. And their ethno-centrism doesn't mention their right to secede into such communities. Because they want to enforce it on the whole country. Ugh....)

The video's bald ranter Chris Cantwell - who once afflicted some libertarian groups - made himself quite famous being obnoxious in this video.  And even more famous when he cried on his own streamed video because he was scared the police had a warrant out for him and were going to kill him. You can find it online easy enough. Search "cantwell crying".

My Charlottesville meme:

And, of course, I saw this photo and had to make the meme below, just to relieve the anger and disgust.

And the Libertarian Party had had enough with those asking for patience and tolerance and giving certain parties a chance to learn more about what it means to be a libertarian. My forward of their statement here...  It's official you guys - be gone!!
While some libertarians support keeping most or all of the confederate monuments, most of us think they are monuments to statism, war, slavery and deprivation of basic rights.  The best thing to do is sell them to the highest bidder who can melt them down or put them in their private museum. The cities should use the money to fix up the park, make a more libertarian statue and change the park name and street signs if relevant. A few monuments might be kept up for historical purposes, but only if they are framed by statues of slaves in chains so people don't forget that the Civil War was about something not very libertarian: "states" rights and slavery. 

I'll do a separate post soon on some intellectuals who haven't quite figured that out yet. Ones who are opportunistically looking at right wing populism and even "ethno-decentralism" to make the libertarian revolution.  Some fools never learn...


Hank Phillips said...

The Civil War was a repeat of the Nullification Crisis, only with secession as the only remaining option. Lincoln was elected on a Red Republican platform in November, to take office march 4. During the intervening 120 or so days, Norrill of Vermont passed another Tariff of Abominations and the colonial agriculturists felt the fist of the Mercantilist Metropolis closing on their windpipes as in 1832. Brazil was also a slaveholding colony and remained that way until the Cleveland Administration, yet no nationalsocialist demonstrations or statue-lynchers are in evidence. Lord Dunmore issued an emancipation proclamation during the revolutionary War, so consistency would require classing Washington, Adams, Ben Franklin et alii as genocidal nationalsocialists for not harking to the clarion call and taking up arms for the King.
Right-Wing fanatics, and even moles like Ron and Randal Paul are, like the Germans who elected Hitler, deeply superstitious victims of religious brainwashing and totally unlike the libertarians they superficially mimic. Libertariantranslator will blog this with dates and places.

CarolMooreReport said...

Obviously supporters of secession can understand the NON-slavery aspects of the Civil War. And the fact that Lincoln didn't even try to outlaw slavery til a couple years into the war. In 1987 I visited Atlanta and the hotel had a book of Civil War newspaper covers. And page after page of headlines included the phrase "Slave states" to mean the confederacy. And they were NOT dissing it. So there's not doubt that in the states most reliant on slave labors that's what they saw it as being about. More northern and less reliant states doubtless stressed the other issues more.

As for Brazil, it is amazing that they had slavery til 1888 and 40% of imported African slaves to America went to Brazil. From

Of course today a large portion of the population is black and intermarriage is common. Though I'm sure the elites are more white, than dark skinned. Do they have monuments to wars to keep the insitutuion of slavery in Brazil? I don't think so.

In fact they are at least trying to memorialize the evils of slavery and engage in more affirmative actions for blacks.