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More Carol Moore memes of 2018

I think I made all these memes...

Where did 2018 go, Carol Moore??

Yup, still doing mini-blogging on Facebook/CarolMoore1776 and tweets at Twitter/CarolMoore1776  Leaving the occasional reader HERE to think I've disappeared?  Glad to see some NEWER posts have gained lots of eyes.

Well, below are a few of the highlights of post-April 15 2018 Facebook posts and Tweets. And a second post with a few of my better memes. But first, a story I find amusing, based on my own experience of sexist abuse by one of Bernie's Boys! (At least Bernie has come out in support of the free speech rights of those advocating or boycotting Israel because of its abuse of human rights of Palestinians. He opposes the proposed federal law that would limit American's rights.)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Speaking of GAS ATTACKS on Women and Children

Memes to start. Text to come. Or see Carol Moore's book THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE.

 Davidian church and home before February 28, 1993 BATF attack.

Tanks smash into building putting dangerous CS gas inside with pyrotechnic (fire-making) artillery rounds until the building catches fire and burns, killing most of the trapped inhabitants.

Update 4/18/19: Austin American-Statesman ran a 25th anniversary story featuring yours truly plus other Waco experts. The title is far less sympathetic than the article itself. A quarter-century later, `dark theories’ still hover over Waco siege by Jonathan Tilove - American-Statesman Staff - April 14, 2018. Excerpt... read whole article quick before the paywall shuts you down; a number of NEW exposes!  And in comments, don't miss any snarky vitriol from Hillary&BernieBros and other authoritarians...
Lexington, Concord and Waco

On April 19, 1993, Carol Moore — a feminist, pacifist, libertarian writer and activist from Washington, D.C. — was planning on celebrating the 217th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Moore is the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Col. James Barrett, the commander of the militia at Concord. She had been following the Waco standoff and after watching CNN’s live coverage of the fire, she closed herself in a storage room and wept.

“What a way to celebrate Lexington and Concord — burn to death individuals also accused of owning too many weapons,” Moore wrote in the preface to her 1995 book, “The Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco Which Must Be Answered,” which was published by the Gun Owners Foundation and offered a comprehensive examination of the controversies in Waco’s wake.

After seeing “Waco: The Big Lie,” Moore traveled to Mount Carmel during a visit to Texas and met some surviving Branch Davidian women.

“Writing this book has been an angering experience, as I have continued to find more and more evidence of federal crimes and cover-up of those crimes,” Moore wrote in the preface. “My research and experience have convinced me that the federal government, with full cooperation of the media and the press, destroyed a loving, committed, interracial community and family, something all too rare in our isolated, alienated, bigoted world.”

Asked by the American-Statesman to evaluate the various Waco conspiracies and cover-up theories 25 years later, Moore began by defining a conspiracy theory as a belief that “an event or phenomenon occurs as a result of a conspiracy between interested parties; a belief that some covert but influential agency (typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent) is responsible for an unexplained event.”

“This includes not only the ‘grand plan’ but every little action, incident and coverup that advances that plan,” she said.

For Waco, Moore said, “the overarching conspiracy theory held in various permutations by most critics of the government is that an ‘out of control’ federal agency with budgetary needs decided to put on a big military-type show bringing several local agencies together. They needed a big target and the Davidians were it, so they listened to the Davidians’ enemies, dug up all the dirt they could, ignored the Davidians’ (legal) gun business and previous cooperation with law enforcement, and went in with the attitude they were at war against a domestic armed force of de facto terrorists.” ....


First, my apologies to the author for not specifying in notes that my definition of conspiracy theory came from the Oxford English Dictionary via Wikipedia.

Second, the author only mentioned the first half of the "overarching conspiracy" I've described.  The second half is that as a result of attacking the Davidians - as if in a "war against a domestic armed force of de facto terrorists” - on February 28, 1993 BATF agents ended up shooting at the unarmed Koresh and his father-in-law at the front door.  They shot indiscriminately into the building, as well as allegedly from helicopters, all of which were and are illegal. The front doors, roof and walls of the building contained evidence of the shooting from the ground and the sky, as seen in photographs and by the Davidian attorneys who eventually went into the building.

ATF agents could have been prosecuted for murder for their indiscriminate gun fire, as even then-BATF director Stephen Higgins later admitted. Also, agents' actions gave Davidians a "self-defense right" at trial under the federal Firearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986 to shoot at law enforcement. (And in fact at trial Davidians were found innocent of the most serious charges on self-defense grounds.)

Therefore the “cops” - ATF and FBI - had to do a coverup, destroy the evidence and discredit, and even kill, the witnesses. FBI and Justice Department officials turned a blind eye while FBI agents in Waco sabotaged negotiations with Davidians in order to give the FBI an excuse to destroy evidence. Then agents lied to Reno to get her to approve their plan.  On April 19, 1993 agents went in with tanks and CS gas delivered by military-issue pyrotechnic (i.e., fire producing) projectiles. Thus they "accidentally" started one or more fires.  Whether or not a few religious fanatics in the group started more fires after that is almost immaterial at that point.

Because there are so many little coverups involved in the whole "Waco Massacre" it can be easy to lose track of the fact that this was a really big cop crime/cop coverup.

Carol Moore, author "The Davidian Massacre" 

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The memes of March, 2018

See all my March rants quick at Facebook/CarolMoore1776.  Just see a couple hot memes of my own, so will include other people's too!

And someone quotes The Dude (or what he WOULD say):

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Manhood proved through violence worldwide

As long as I have blogger open, might as well share something a woman wrote and I commented on. The "violence to prove manhood" theme and truth is something I've been promoting for last 17 years especially.

From a libertarian viewpoint, of course, access can be restricted by gun sellers voluntarily NOT selling to people who they believe are mentally disturbed. And companies not engaging in profiting off selling weapons to terrorist groups and evil governments all over the world. And people voluntarily giving up guns to private associations that will destroy them. Obviously having a bunch of macho jackbooted thugs raiding homes to take guns is as bad as macho jackbooted thugs raiding homes and clinics to stop abortions.

The other thing is to secede into communities of likeminded people who don't want guns - except for the police who keep out gun owners, of course. Just hope they don't become tyrants 

The memes of early 2018

Feeling feisty again! At least feisty enough to meme away - make sure #POTUS saw a lot of them. If he was looking! Not to mention thousands of impressionable young minds on social media.

Catching up on three months of undone personal projects. Secession.Net WILL get up their fully loaded sooner rather than later. Meanwhile you'll see me wasting lots of time on public posts at Facebook/CarolMoore1776 and Twitter/CarolMoore1776


Of course, some old farts like BERNIE SANDERS have Russian heritage, WANT a big socialist state like USSR used to be and are pissed that Russia has become a kleptocratic oligarchy. He's too dumb to realize that's what it was under communism too, just a lot poorer.  The rich then ate meat every night.  Now they own palaces.  Haven't thought of a clever meme for that message yet.


I could do one showing how Deep State and Media profit from them.  But I probably will do one on how Radical Decentralization/Secession is the answer and different communities can make up their own gun laws.


Do we really believe Trump White House's latest denial there NEVER was a "bloody war" attack on North Korea scenario. This is best article on topic I've seen so far: Here’s what war with North Korea would look like - A full-blown war with North Korea wouldn’t be as bad as you think. It would be much, much worse in VOX.

This is my "go to" meme whenever I see a couple of alpha males battling away on social media. Just stick their photos in the template.

I keep sending this one around, lest we forget!!


Only one new meme!?!  So here are a couple amusing photos from other radical feminist anti-genderists.

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The memes of late 2017

Don't get old. Rough fall with bad reaction to the senior superflu shot, old lady sinus issues, old lady head bump issues, gained 25 lbs this year and my knees are killling me old lady complaints - and worst of all two MORE old lady teeth removed.  Can you guess why the Solstice song I sang the most was "all I want for Solstice is my two front teeth"?

So actually I didn't do too many memes in late 2017.  And even fewer FB rants than usual. And barely anything else got done besides laundry, cooking, minimal house cleaning and constant care of whiny big mutts - and semi-care of my semi-disabled male whatever.... 

On with the show...

#1 on this topic

#2 on this topic

Merry Solstice Decorations at my house...

Review of Jane Jacobs' "Cities and the Wealth of Nations"

Combing through my files, I found a book review I wrote for the Libertarian Party News in the spring of 1985 and reprinted a few years back in my old Vermont Commons blog (secessionist site now renamed/rebranded to  The LP News editor at the time was Karl Hess and our views were very sympatico.  (I later wrote the introduction to a Loompanic’s republication of his book “Community Technology.”)

It is amazing to me how similar my ideas at the time are to those today.  It also shows the virtue of patience: today a majority of the world’s people – and even a large plurality of Americans – are ready to listen to ideas about radical political decentralization and secession.

So below is a version slightly edited to reflect the passing of the years and to appeal to a wider audience than just libertarians. After reading it I hope you’ll agree Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)  is yet another heroine of the decentralist and secessionist movements.

Cities and the Wealth of Nations: Principles of Economic Life by Jane Jacobs, Random House, 1985.

Jane Jacobs activist and writer.
In the twenty-five years after community activist Jane Jacobs’ book The Death and Life of Great America Cities first took on big government and private developers, accusing them of ruining cities and their neighborhoods, it sold more than 250,000 copies.  In those years most city planners and architects swung over to her position, and she earned an international reputation as an urban expert. In her Cities and the Wealth of Nations, Jacobs took on economists from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, as well as the institution of the nation state, arguing for truly free markets and the “expedient multiplication of sovereignties” – i.e., the secession of cities from nation states. (Definitions of what is a “city” may differ, but I would say that today generally it is any urban area of at least 50,000 people.)

Jacobs’ book was praised by many urbanists and panned by many economists. It divided the “liberal” press, with New York Magazine, The Nation and The New Republic denouncing Jacobs’ new “conservative” and even “dangerous” direction, while The Atlantic , Mother Jones and The New Yorker printed favorable reviews. The Los Angeles Times awarded the book its 1984 Book Prize for Current Events. Even the business press was divided: Barron’s mocked it while Forbes respectfully interviewed its author.

Jane Jacobs was not an economist , but like many free market economists she rejected mathematical economic models in favor of analytical reasoning, direct observation and empirical evidence. Similarly, she rejected the macroeconomic assumption that “national economies are useful and salient entitles for understanding how economic life works” and economists’ assertions that government intervention can ensure healthy economies. Rather, she regarded cities, hotbeds of entrepreneurial activity, and as the relevant economies which should be studied. She asserted that nations are just grab bags of cities and their regions brought together by ‘bloody military force”. The true purpose of national economic and military policies is to keep these unnatural national entities from falling apart. However, Jacobs held that these policies only insure the steady decline of both nation states and their captive cities worldwide, resulting in economic stagnation on a global scale.

Jacobs supplied many examples of how vital cities upgrade their economies as entrepreneurs keep shifting to produce goods formerly imported from more advanced cities, a process she calls “import replacing”. These cities also improve the economies of their surrounding regions, providing jobs for their inhabitants, markets for their raw materials and manufactures, and eventually physically expanding into those regions.

Jacobs believes that less economically advanced cities within nations and in the Third World only can develop by building on local talents and resources and by trading with other “backward” cities.  Trading with more advanced ones whose products are superior only discourages local production. Through this kind of trade smaller cities can “bootstrap” themselves into more advanced economies by stressing self-sufficiency over disadvantageous international divisions of labor.

Unfortunately, rather than using this approach to develop backward regions within nations or in the Third World, most nations have taken to what Jacobs calls “transactions of decline”.   These transactions are subsidies for poorer regions funded by taxing more successful cities and regions thereby draining their investment capital. The three prime transactions of decline she identifies are: 1) military production to both maintain empire and prop up backward regions; 2) welfare in the form of direct payments to individuals, as well as rural and urban development boondoggles; and 3) trade with backward nations emphasizing generous loans (which may or may not be paid back) and even direct grants of financial aid and aid-in-kind. Jacobs strongly opposed such “transactions.”

Jacobs also contended that cities need their own currency as a feedback mechanism whose value would fall with the relative decline in the value of the cities’ products. This would discourage expensive imports and encourage local entrepreneurs to begin producing formerly imported products locally. Such dynamics could start the city on a new cycle of expansion. Jacobs believed a single national currency stifles this feedback mechanism and is the primary reason cities cannot stop their decline once it begins. The main beneficiary of a centralized currency system tends to be the largest city, especially if it engages in substantial import-export trade and is also the national capital. Thus we see many nations with one monstrous city like Tokyo, Mexico, Paris, Cairo or Bombay, and many smaller stagnant or declining cities.

Hard money advocates might reject Jacobs’ criticism of a single national currency because they believe that a gold standard would act, in effect, as a single national or even worldwide currency. However, Jacobs believes that even with a metal standard, the value of the currencies of different sovereign cities would vary according to the values of the goods they. Not being a consistent free marketeer, it does not occur to Jacobs that there might be several competing currencies even within a single city.

Jacobs definitively recommends the breakup of large nation states through secession of its cities and regions. However, she lamented that “virtually all national governments, it seems fair to say, and most citizens would sooner decline and decay unified, true to the sacrifices by which their unity was won, than prosper and develop in division”.  That may be far less true today.
Jacobs hoped that the world would cast up new “pattern states” made up of pioneers willing to try the secessionist experiment. In fact she was optimistic that someone would do so “if it really is within human capacities to divide large sovereignties before they have reached a dead end of disarray.”  I am sure she would be very encouraged by the views of Vermonters sympathetic to secession.

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The memes of fall 2017

A compulsive meme maker, I had to start my own "Hardcore Libertarian Memes" page on #Facistbook.   So here are a few of the better ones from this fall...