Monday, January 16, 2017

OOOPS! It's 2017 already! December Posts

Here's a couple good ones from Facebook, December 2016.

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I also was on quite a Pro-Choice Libertarian binge in December, debating with some anti-abortionist women who try to show how cool they are to "sex positive" young women (and male voyeurs) by showing their cleavage. Yet elsewhere they have insulted and shamed and defacto terrorizing women through calling abortion murder and making it clear the law should deal with murder.  One admits she tries to get women to talk about their abortions and makes them feel bad about it. What psychotic hypocrits! I may yet do a whole website page on them once I FINALLY put into wordpress...

 And one of them is a born-again Christian who had her own ministry to women who had had abortions.  Very mentally deranged... (my mock on her, not her actual meme!)

Can you tell that I believe that extremism in defense of women's control of their own bodies is NO VICE?? To paraphrase Karl Hess who wrote "liberty" for some presidential candidate who lost. I just applied it more specifically to women's rights - which these right wing dick pricks are putting under assault yet again. And women are getting mad!


Alexander Peak said...

Re: the fourth image

Is that the Radical Caucus's new logo? Very cool. Similar to the Libersign I read about in Radicals for Capitalism by Brian Doherty, but better, in that the arrow points upward instead of up-and-to-the-right. I like.

Re: the seventh image

My only worry is that those not familiar with libertarianism may see that and assume that it is saying that libertarians are abortion prohibitionists. You and I know it's merely directing itself at just those libertarians who happen to believe that the state should prohibit abortion, but we shouldn't underestimate people's ability to misinterpret.

I am reminded of something I read back in 2004. Someone had posted something somewhere about the various alternative-party candidates, including Badnarik and Peroutka, and made the erroneous claim that Badnarik was pro-life and that Peroutka was pro-choice. Obviously, this poster had the two individuals mixed up, but someone else who had read this statement and responded to it did not know about the mix-up, and thus responded by saying that she would, therefore, never vote for Badnarik. Obviously, this second person didn't bother to fact-check the first, and probably to this day assumes libertarians are all in favour of state prohibition of abortion.

Re: the third image

I am a bit confused. Am I inferring correctly that there are some pro-choice libertarians who have decided to body-shame or slut-shame certain pro-life libertarian women whose only "faux-pas" has been to show cleavage? That's a real shame. One would think that if there were any group that would find body-shaming and slut-shaming utterly disgraceful, it would be libertarians.

I am reminded of a thread I saw some years back on Facebook. There were these pictures of people in Wal-Marts who were dressed either sloppily, cheaply, outlandishly, or in some other manner that the culler of these images thought was worthy of ridicule. What disturbed me was the number of alleged libertarians who were laughing along at the various clothing choices of the people in the pictures. My reaction was diametrically opposed to theirs: I thought the pictured individuals' willingness to 'let their freak flags fly' (to borrow a phrase from Weeds) was admirable. One would expect that sort of shaming from conservatives and from "edgy" "liberals," but one would think that self-described "libertarians" would be better, that we would embrace the whole live-and-let-live ideal with vigor and passion. (Perhaps libertarianism as a movement doesn't just need to be re-radicalised politically, but culturally as well.)

Re: the second image

The world needs more nonviolent troublemakers, especially nonviolent trouble-making women.

CarolMooreReport said...

Re: LPRC logo. This isn't used by the one person, a reflection of the original LP Radical Caucus. This symbol like the libersign is the new one. It is a tightly held group by 3 self-appointed directors for life. A lot of people who aren't always too radical do follow the FB page and more radical types organize at conventions to keep party from getting too moderate.

Seventh image was first version and someone else pointed out that it was confusing. I accidently uploaded it instead of the new one which I have not uploaded instead.

third image: probably needs better context. The problem was that two women who were shaming women for having abortions then were showing cleavage to get male attention when they are anti-abortion fanatics. The pink one makes that clear. The other one not as clear - except the all obvious allusion to firm breast. These women are trying to get "in" with pro-choice women to show how sex positive they are so they can try to make them anti-abortion. One admits she tries to get women to talk about their abortions and make them feel bad about it. Pretty sickening. If the introductory text isn't clear on that, will make it so!!

Yep, lots of trouble makers out there. Though there are a variety, some more effective than others, some more puppets of others than others (especially among the lefties), etc.