Friday, September 17, 2021

2021 - Still Hanging in There!!

 As stated previously, my current "blog" is  It's public IF you are on facebook. And I haven't blocked you for being an obnoxious SOB.  And Facebook doesn't censor me and block me for 24 hours or 36, as it has done a few times.  (I'll have to test the Big G's censorship bot!!)

I'm thinking it's time to come back here as well for the most important pieces because issues are searchable here and show up on search engines  - especiall DuckDuckGo. As I noticed today when I went to look for an old post here; it popped up. Not easy to do on FB. Though I do save test of my best posts and comments and sort and file them for use in a book or article or whatever someday.

In the last two years I inherited some money so I don't have to work for someone else so much; moved to Delaware where rent much cheaper than DC; and wasted an immense amount of time on a legal case which I eventually will write about ad nauseam. 

But finally focusing on updating my websites CarolMoore.Net and Secession.Net which are both in sorry disrepair. And I promise not to censor any blog I put up there - TOO vigorously. ha ha  😜

Here's today's amusing Facebook post.  Including refs to Facebook censorship. Below is link I mention. Relevant reference below.

Link to this blog's 2012 entry which I mentioned.

This Wikipedia has an article on US indefinite detention law but it may not be up-to-date.

Will have to come back and fix the links later. 😆

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