Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joel Leyden threatens to nuke America

I often think of things I should blog about but lately only threats of nuclear destruction and other such calamities motivate me. In his blog entry Israel Celebrates 62 Despite War, Terrorism, Poverty, Obama PR hack Joel Leyden writes: The only difference, the Israelis of 2010 will not commit suicide, we will wear our rubber gas masks and fight and perhaps even implement the Samson Option if forced to.
I try to ignore Israeli depredations and focus on cures, but with this kind of arrogance and vicious threatening of human life - just because you can't keep all the land you stole since 1948 - how can I?? My comment left at his blog: So you'll bomb Russia to make sure it bombs America? Of course, with your submarines you can bomb America yourself. That's the way you keep American leaders under control isn't it? More and more people know it every day. I sure hope no AMERICANS sign up for the SEO Digital PR Public Relations.
Well, one way they keep them under control, serving Israel's interests in a myriad of ways. Anyway....See my SAMSON OPTION article.

A few interesting links to follow to counter the kind of public relations Leyden and his company dish out:

* One hundred years of pro-ethnic cleansing Zionist quotes at
* Philip Weiss on Dual Loyalty Charges Portend Spiritual Crisis in American Jewish Community
* Juan Cole on Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis Hint - he supports in footnoted detail the proposition that:
"Jewish rule may have been no longer than 170 years or so, i.e., the kingdom of the Hasmoneans."
Enough. I should probably do a bunch of short blog entries on important thoughts of late - if I can find the scrap paper I wrote them on. Right now busy putting my top twenty odd song into videos. See ones currently up at Hmmm. I don't have a catchy one yet for de-nuking Israel (specifically) and freeing the Palestinian slaves. The next IMAGINE maybe.

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