Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea Party vs. Immigration shows statist element of movement

Two videos from the November 14th mini-Tea Parties showed that the Tea Party movement is less about individual liberty than using government the way they want it used. In the first, a young man "punks" a Tea Party group getting lots of applause as he declares: "...Let's send these European immigrants back where they came from," he said to wild cheers. "We need to send every one of them back home. ... They stole this land through genocide and ethnic cleansing." Then he leads the crowd in the chant: "Columbus go home! Columbus go home!" Funnier than heck...

In the second video some left-wing Che Guevera fans counter-protest with the signs safely across the street from the Tea Party people. But one or two of Tea Party people come over, try to take their signs and the lefties jump all over them for trying to steal their private property. If only BOTH sides would go libertarian and stop promoting left and right wing STATISM.

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