Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Blackmails America: Gimme $700 Billion or I won't debate!

John McCain threatens not to debate Obama if there is no $700 billion Wall Street bail out deal in time to put him on a plane to the "Old Miss" debate. (He's probably already lost Mississippi even if he does show!)

Evidently McCain thinks that Congress and Obama and the American people are SO desperate to see him debate Friday night, we're willing to quickly bend to the will of Bush/McCain to throw $700 billion ($200 billion more than the cost of the Iraq war so far) at Bush/McCain's rich cronies. (Like we believe it when he denies his lobbyist handlers are aiming to cover their former and future employers' financial asses.)

Whether or not he gets his way, this gives you the an excellent idea of what kind of a threatening, bullying president he would make. How long before he's at war against Iran and Pakistan, drafting two million young Americans (male and female), declaring a national emergency and giving himself dictatorial powers, and shutting down all the critical blogs and throwing their writers in camps. The latter will be Sarah Palin's job. Thank heavens the American people seem to be on to the both of them.

McCain thought the worst thing that would get out would be how horrible the operations on his facial skin cancer have disfigured him - and may again in the future. The uglier he gets on the outside, the uglier he gets on the inside - and he can't wait to take it all out on us!

John, repeat to yourself, preferably while doing deep breathing relaxation exercises, "I love myself. Everyone loves me" and feel the self-love and compassion for others percolate throughout your soul and body - and feel the desire to strike out and destroy dissipate.

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