Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exorcizing Stevens' and Palin's Demons - Secede, Alaska, Secede!

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is getting his demons exorcised in a trial this week. Though as a Washington DC resident I was called for the pool, they didn't even interview me, not to mention choose me. See my honest answers to intimate questions in their twenty page juror questionnaire at my Vermont Commons SECEDE & SURVIVE blog. Remember, potential jurors, they can arrest you if you lie on that form and then act "prejudiced" in the jury room, so let your true opinions rip!

And then we have Kenyan witch hunter Pastor Thomas Muthee laying hands on John McCain's Vice President Sarah Palin to protect her from witchcraft -
(the short, to the point version). Muthee also prayed in this and a later video to help her become President of the United States - probably after some witch takes care of McCain for her. You can bet Muthee's praying he holds the bible when Palin's sworn in!

Poor John McCain, his snow ball brain is melting down faster than the economy... Oh, what am I thinking! He's busy working with Bush to blackmail Obama into canceling the debate that McCain is not and never will be ready for. After the two of them shove a $700 billion dollar rip off for their crony friends down our throats, they'll probably cancel the election. After Bush appoints McCain vice president and then steps down? HMMM!

Why should Alaska secede? (Besides the wicked plans to sell it to China to pay off the national debt?) With crooked nutty politicians like that, wouldn't you?

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