Saturday, May 05, 2007

Macho Cops Over-react to Macho Provocateurs

During the year or so I was writing my e-book THE RETURN OF STREET FIGHTING MAN I usually taped footage of "black bloc" scuffles with police worldwide for study and documentation. (Photo of youth about to throw something at police from televised footage of April 16, 2000 IMF/World Bank protests.) Today a lot of that stuff is on Youtube.Com.
I was watching some CNN footage of the May 1, 2007 Los Angeles Police attack on immigration protesters with a critical eye. I saw this footage only once, but it was quite clear SOMEONE was throwing objects at the police line.
The very rough Youtube footage footage below shows the same incident as CNN, but it is not clear if anything is thrown.

This certainly does NOT excuse the police rampage, but it probably means someone was trying to provoke the police. I saw some people in black and some with masks, but were the organized protesters trying to provoke cops to beat protesters to radicalize them, a standard street fighter trick? Or were organized police provocateurs trying to make activists look bad and excuse a police riot to scare off future protesters?
See two articles (1, 2) mentioning provocateurs. See Los Angeles Indymedia.Org reports, photos and video of this police riot as well.
My position in the 1999-2001 era was that most of those trying to provoke cops as part of the black bloc were macho activists, and a few thrill seekers. Not cops. Today, it's very difficult to say. Even our local antiwar group was infiltrated by a police officer before a major rally. We found out because he accidentally left a business number on an activists cell phone!
The best footage of the police rampage ironically is on Los Angeles local neocon channel FOX NEWS. It shows their reporter being shoved around. Also good footage on UNIVISON -- now owned by arch Israeli-American Zionist Chaim Saban.
Need I say that it's all machismo versus machismo,
men trying to prove their manhood through violence? Being persistent I will keep saying it over and over again until the humans admit it and are willing to do something about it.

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