Sunday, March 27, 2011

Libertarian decentralism and secession strategy

Forgot to mention to my dozen plus readers I would be speaking on this topic at the Agora I/O online conference this weekend. Go to the schedule to see some of the "big names" among 70 odd libertarian minarchists and anarchists who spoke. Online conferences are a great idea and it was a great conference. I learned a lot from the many under 30s so active in "social networking" and online organizing.

All the archives of the conference are here (or at the organizer, George Donnelly's, Youtube page, if you want to go directly). And sitting on my butt in my room I actually listened more to the speakers than I do at most conferences where I'm usually busy being a social butterfly and promoting my own agenda. Anyway, as I say, preparing the talk helped me re-organize some of the points on my site, so check it out again after April Fool's Day :-).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Impeach "B-Attack Obomba" for fronting for white racists, etc.

Nigerian-American President "B-Attack Obomba" is fronting for the white racists who don't want the Chinese or Indians getting Libya's oil. They don't want Arabs associating with our big Asian competitors because the White Man has to control the oil - which evidently they couldn't do despite kissing up to Gaddafi the last few years. And then Libya's oil minister announced they probably would give future oil contracts only to friendly nations like India and China. Not good news for France which is highly dependent on the oil - and, oh yes, led the charge to attack Gaddafi.

Thousands of Chinese workers got out of Libya, doubtless knowing it wouldn't be long before the US started bombing? Or maybe they were scared because one of the biggest Libyan resistance groups held its last big meeting in the US? Sure, Gaddafi's bad and his people need to get rid of him. And maybe some more neutral force should do something about it. But not the bunch of bastards running this empire, supported by all its apologists. The philosophy of freedom has to spread to all human consciousness - not be used as an excuse to impose imperial dictates.

Funny how Reuters claims these ideas are part of the Chinese propaganda war. Guess they haven't heard of libertarian non-interventionism. Of course, Lew Rockwell goes further and charges that US leaders enjoying killing all those Arabs and Muslims its been attacking the last 20 years. (See him on RussiaToday.) The Libertarian Party sent out a particularly good press release entitled "They hate us because we bomb them." Will only libertarians stand up when Obomba uses his "let's support the uprising" excuse to bomb Iran??

Geez, I thought Bush was bad letting himself be manipulated by the neoconservatives/Israel lobby. Obama lets himself be manipulated by them, the oil companies, the French, et al. No wonder he's been so easily morphed into Bush's image. I lived just a couple blocks from Obama in 1981-82 in New York. Wonder if he ever came to the many peace meetings held in our neck of the Upper West Side woods. Not too late B-Attack.

Maybe if you stop unconstitutional bombing of other nations, start bringing troops home and closing down bases, end your civil liberties abuses, etc. Ralph Nader and Cindy Sheehan and Carol Moore and tens of thousands of others will stop saying you are worse than Bush and stop calling for impeaching you! See video below.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrating a Bush War with an Obomba War

March 19th, the 8th anniversary of the U.S. attack on Iraq -- which led to far more death and destruction than anything Saddam Hussein was doing to his own people, and it's not over yet. And now the U.S. (supposedly under French lead) is helping attack Libyan troops, supposedly to keep Omar Gaddafi from mass killing his people. We'll see how that works out.

On CNN's "Reliable Sources" this morning "journalists" discussed how the media was SO exhausted from Arab uprisings and Japanese earthquakes it might have not asked the tough questions on Libya that they admitted they had not asked on Iraq. The truth is, CNN and other media paraded many of the same Neocon traitors promoting attacks on Libya (all of whom also want to attack Iran) that they paraded in the lead up to the Iraq war. They even had a long CNN interview with arch warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu (the puppet master to Obomba that Ariel Sharon was to George W. Bush - as even Ralph Nader pointed out about Bush). But "Reliable Sources" didn't mention CNN and other media's role in promoting these attacks.

Obomba and Netanyahu like to pretend they are like the dog protecting its friend that has come out as one of the dominant symbols of the Japanese earthquake. (See video below.) But they aren't. They are more like a pack of rats with nukes: Netanyahu grabbing up every piece of Arab land and Obomba grabbing up tens of millions in AIPAC and government employee union money. (Since he won't get all those young people and independents contributing to him this time around.) Ugh. Ugh. A thousand times ugh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

France Prosecutes Israel Boycott Activists

It's illegal there to engage in any kind of speech or action that partisans can convinced prosecutors to call "hate speech." One conviction is being appealed. Some much for "Liberté, égalité, fraternité." See video below.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Irish Day!!

From someone who recently found out she's less than 3/4 Irish because there's a bunch of German ancestors who came over in 1732 - 100 years after the British ancestors came. The Irish couldn't afford passage til the 1800s, with a British whip on their backs. Freedom, baby, Freedom!!

Update: Fake out on you if you thought the above was me! The real me on St Patty's Day 2011 is at left, taken after seeing the FURTHER (formerly "Grateful Dead") concert in Fairfax, VA. Lots of wacky people like me in crazy hats and wearing the green and drinking beer and sharing a wonderful universal consciousness. Even if they didn't play my favorite - TRUCKIN' ! Below they are playing it when we were all young and beautiful... (And here's a smoother YouTube album version.) And the song they signed off with? LIBERTY, here at YouTube.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tom Cruise proves occupation leads to suicide bombing

Remember the 2005 Tom Cruise film War of the Worlds? Where alien occupiers are killing and destroying - plus taking hostages and drinking their blood? Tom gets some grenades and gets himself captured, intending to destroy it in a defacto suicide attack. He manages to survive when the alien itself detonates the grenades while trying to harvest Tom's blood.

All this being relevant to the release of a new book by Robert A. Pape, and James K. Feldman called Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It. interviews Pape - a Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago specializing in international security affairs. According to the description, Pape "discusses the extremely high correlation of suicide terrorism with foreign military occupation; why it’s no coincidence that the surge in Afghanistan has increased violence while the drawdown in Iraq has lessened it; why those advocating no-fly zones in Libya should look at the terrible record in 1990s Iraq; the “asymmetrical” warfare, up to and including suicide attacks, that could be expected in response to a foreign military occupation of America; and the significant progress in convincing Congress of terrorism’s real root causes."

Suicide bombing is wrong. Driving people to it by occupying their lands and killing their people is even more wrong.
Scene from Cruise movie.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, U.S. irradiating subject peoples

Above is the Fukushim I nuclear power plant before it exploded March 12, 2011, after an earthquake and Tsunami. We "anti-nuke" activists hate to say "I told you so." Build a nuclear power plant near an earthquake fault and right on an ocean prone to tsunami, and one of these days one or both is going to cause a terrible accident. Of course, there already have been a number of "meltdowns" without help from Mad Mother Nature. Below is one of the explosions at the plant; not necessarily a meltdown.

Nuclear power, of course, probably would not exist without massive government intervention: funding research, providing funding for construction of private and public power plants, forcing plants on unwilling populaces and, of course, forcing these populations to bear the full brent of accidents by limiting the financial liability of the private or government entities should there be an accident killing people and destroying their homes, livelihoods and businesses. (In this country it's called the Price Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act.)

And then this morning what floats into my email box? A brand new term: "Backscatter Van." Turns out the government has dozens of vans roaming around scanning civilians and their autos looking for weapons - or cute teenage girls now rendered naked, depending on their whims.

Of course, all those government employees going to work in downtown Washington are probably at highest risk of getting cancer from these vans as they get irradiated day after day, year after year.

The "long train of abuses and usurpations" mentioned in the U.S. Declaration of Independence seems to double every year!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Spy Who Hated Wikileaks (video)

This story details what happened in this video. The former British spy chief being spied on illegally by camera as he complains about Wikileaks. Today's good laugh.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Moore Counter-Protests Westboro Baptists...

Michael Moore brings a pink bus load of gays to counter protest the Bible nuts who protest in the most inappropriate places - funerals of gays and U.S. soldiers. With their attitude, I can't think of anyone to sic them on! Gandhi would not approve. (For some reason this doesn't seem to be on Moore's Youtube page.)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Obama Hypocrisy - Gaddafi bombs vs. bombs on Gaza

No, that's not Tripoli. It's Gaza, after the 2008-2009 Israeli bombing. While Obama is waxing all indignant about the monster Gaddafi bombing his own people, he continues to support Israel's even more dastardly attacks on the imprisoned people of Gaza for 23 days in 2008-2009, just before he took office. And he had his United Nations representative vote against the Goldstone Report, even though it blamed captive Palestinians as much as it did the Israeli bombers. Just like some people blamed Jews for rebelling against the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto incursion which led to the total destruction of the Ghetto.
See comparative photos of Gaza rockets/deaths vs. Israeli bombs/destruction here. (Thanks to Mark Levine for making same point here.)

But that's what oppressors do when their enslaved people rebel, isn't it? Nazis in Poland, Israel in Gaza, Gaddafi in Tripoli. (Funny how we were taught in the 1960s to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and draw analogies of fascistic behavior by the Nazis; at least until too many of us started pointing out that Israel's behavior towards the Palestinians was much like the years leading up to Nazi policies of total genocide of the Jews.)

Anyway, a reminder video of the devastation below. You can bet the Israel lobby/Neocons are just itching to get the U.S. to bomb another Arab/Muslim country, just to keep it in practice for the big war against Iran they continue to push the U.S. into - as long as China is willing to foot the bill, anyway.

A Gaza protest photo I took in 2009.
Update: Here's an interesting article from a pretty good leftie source (recommended by a libertarian source) alleging that the main rebel group, which met a few years back in the U.S., may be tools of U.S. imperialism supported because Gaddafi hasn't sufficiently knuckled under to U.S. interests -- even though he's been getting advice from arch-neocon Richard Perle. There's no doubt a bunch of Neocons are saying BOMB BOMB BOMB all over cable Tv.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Metro: check escalator brakes, not random bags

Looks like the Washington DC metro is going to keep randomly checking passenger bags. No one has objected enough to get arrested yet. A lot of people are probably just walking to the next metro since they evidently put a big sign outside the metro stops where they are searching. Found these funny posts on a message board used by frequent travelers:

GHF: RT @Tracktwentynine: Attention Terrorists: #WMATA is checking bags at Archives. Consider walking to Gallery Place or L'Enfant Plaza. Federal Triangle also close.

...CP: I'd feel safer traveling the DC Metro if they could just keep the escalators from collapsing and making giant heaps of people. That really is a safety/security hazard, from the poor history of DC Metro escalator maintenance lately, not the "bogeyman in a bag."

See video below for the escalator accident. Glad I wasn't near the bottom with four 400 pound guys right behind me!! I'm going on the metro again tomorrow, third time since searches started. Will I get to be the first person arrested for asking too many questions or making too many snotty political comments? SELF-CONTROL, CAROL, self-control.