Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Impeach "B-Attack Obomba" for fronting for white racists, etc.

Nigerian-American President "B-Attack Obomba" is fronting for the white racists who don't want the Chinese or Indians getting Libya's oil. They don't want Arabs associating with our big Asian competitors because the White Man has to control the oil - which evidently they couldn't do despite kissing up to Gaddafi the last few years. And then Libya's oil minister announced they probably would give future oil contracts only to friendly nations like India and China. Not good news for France which is highly dependent on the oil - and, oh yes, led the charge to attack Gaddafi.

Thousands of Chinese workers got out of Libya, doubtless knowing it wouldn't be long before the US started bombing? Or maybe they were scared because one of the biggest Libyan resistance groups held its last big meeting in the US? Sure, Gaddafi's bad and his people need to get rid of him. And maybe some more neutral force should do something about it. But not the bunch of bastards running this empire, supported by all its apologists. The philosophy of freedom has to spread to all human consciousness - not be used as an excuse to impose imperial dictates.

Funny how Reuters claims these ideas are part of the Chinese propaganda war. Guess they haven't heard of libertarian non-interventionism. Of course, Lew Rockwell goes further and charges that US leaders enjoying killing all those Arabs and Muslims its been attacking the last 20 years. (See him on RussiaToday.) The Libertarian Party sent out a particularly good press release entitled "They hate us because we bomb them." Will only libertarians stand up when Obomba uses his "let's support the uprising" excuse to bomb Iran??

Geez, I thought Bush was bad letting himself be manipulated by the neoconservatives/Israel lobby. Obama lets himself be manipulated by them, the oil companies, the French, et al. No wonder he's been so easily morphed into Bush's image. I lived just a couple blocks from Obama in 1981-82 in New York. Wonder if he ever came to the many peace meetings held in our neck of the Upper West Side woods. Not too late B-Attack.

Maybe if you stop unconstitutional bombing of other nations, start bringing troops home and closing down bases, end your civil liberties abuses, etc. Ralph Nader and Cindy Sheehan and Carol Moore and tens of thousands of others will stop saying you are worse than Bush and stop calling for impeaching you! See video below.

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