Monday, July 21, 2014

Brave American Jew in Israel stands up for Palestinian rights

Counter-protesting can help those who are uncomfortable with the general consensus but not quite ready to break from it, do so...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Libertarian metaphysics, ethics and social organization are the rising consciousness...

My views on most topics are well known by now: patriarchy sucks; violence sucks; organized violence in the form of the state sucks.

Metaphysical libertarianism (creative free will as basis of reality) and libertarian ethnics and social organization (liberty for the individual without threatened or actual violent coercion by individuals, groups or states; individuals create communities which network and confederate as needed to deal with common issues; super-majority/direct democracy within a contractual framework) is the solution.

This view must assume one follows libertarian metaphysics which rejects all those tyrannical patriarchal gods and their dominance and control fanaticism, as well as sexual stereotypes and automatic group think, of course. Anyway, my views aren't all that unusual.  Libertarian metaphysics and social organization are the rising consciousness.  Just a few examples are the insightful graphics and links below.  

So even if I croak off tomorrow and never finish my book CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITY: TRANSCENDING GOD AND STATE, the evolution of consciousness will happen.  The only question is, will it happen before or after we kill off 6 billion people in a nuclear holocaust, as Washington DC Imperialist Hawks are pushing us to do. REMEMBER THE 6 BILLION!!!
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Search here for more images, a few from my webpages...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Alter or Abolish Government Day!!

The American colonists of North America were the first to declare their independence from the colonial power. (Unfortunately, they were not as tolerant of the native Americans and African slaves who wanted to keep independent of them!)

Many declarations of independence have followed since.  I don't know how many have the most important phrase from that document:
But libertarians and freedom lovers of every stripe should have no doubt that all future declarations should include that phrase. So party on all you Americans who will hear the reading of the Declaration today and think "right to alter of abolish government??" What a concept!  And party on all of you worldwide who will hear it or figure it out someday.  Just like in the movie, one day July 4th may become a worldwide holiday.  When the alien centralist tyrants are finally deprived of their power.
Secession.Net - this year I'll get it together!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Video "Best wife money can buy"

Great video, if I do say so myself, despite the crappy sound production. Fun images too...See more feminist and castrate the nation state-type videos.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunspot maxium finally upon us

It's been a smaller sunspot cycle, with fewer sunspots and solar flares, and more ups and downs in their numbes.  But it's finally reaching it's maximum. Though, as the video below states, lots of big solar flares can keep shooting out in the months after the height, as the cycle goes back down. See constantly updated link here to status of the cycle.  

My Sunspot Cycle and Human Behavior and Activist Strategy article is woefully out of date because the HTML screwed up beyond my capacity to fix it and I haven't gotten around to moving everything to wordpress yet. But type "sunspot" into this blog's search box and you can read all about it.  (Article describing video below linked here.)

What does it mean to human behavior and politics as of June 12, 2014? The biggest story - beside real live Nazis backing a new oligarch taking over Ukraine - is the aftermath of US aggression vs. Afghanistan and Iraq. That happened during the winding down stage of the last sunspot cycle during 2001-2003. This cycle now energizes the new Al-Queda-like grouping called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) which was first mobilized by US attacks on Iraq and meddling in Syria, supporting violent revolution.  ISIS now is taking over more of those two countries every day, as city after city falls. (Map below as of June 2014 shows what they've conquered in red.)

Sure these poor oppressed people had despots before (Saddam and al-Assad, the father and son), but at least they didn't enslave women in burqas and summarily kill anyone who didn't kiss their asses in proper Jihadi fashion.  "Freedom" imposed by foreigners only empowers the most fanatical elements.  People have to free themselves and inspiring them is the best way to do.  End US Imperialism, don't pretend it's a vehicle for freedom. (Hear that just defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the militarists' best friend??)

Not feminine enough? You Must Have Sex Change Operation!!!

Excellent video. Glad she realized the truth - you don't have to have a sex change operation just because you are a "butch lesbian" - before it was too late and she had any operations. It's incredible hearing from young women the new mind fuck imposed on women today.

When I was young it was just an insult to say you weren't feminine enough. Today, it's a command that you change your sex to male so that males don't have to put up with any females who aren't feminine enough! Or who are butch lesbians. Un-fucking believable.

Don't even get me started on the rising realization among tens of thousands of feminists - transgenderism is just another male plot against women. Male to female transgenders being real strong censors to keep women-born women in line, since evidently the female censors haven't been up to the job! You males who support such B.S. have just gone too far this time! Females who go along with it are just getting scammed by patriarchs.

Twenty years ago transvestism and transgenderism seemed like fun and entertaining options for free spirits - now the latter especially has become one more tool of patriarchal oppression. Bummer!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Getting younger - or older - or Enlightened?

Geez, have I gotten so young and hip I can't form a thought that takes more than the number of characters in a Tweet - or has facebook distilled any analysis into "sharing" others' comments on barely relevant photos? In other words have I joined the younger generation? Or am I just too senile at 66 to form my own complete thoughts? Or am I too busy doing SOMETHING that is about to burst upon the world stage like the biggest meteor of enlightenment ever?  Time will tell.  Meanwhile some stuff I picked up since last time I blogged.

 I love you ANTIWAR.COM despite the obviously inappropriate imagery.

I love you guys!

I love appropriate technology, especially made from hemp.

I love jokes about excessive tweeting being silly. I don't like tweeting much.

I love it!!

I love comparing the US empire to the Roman empire, or at least the dissolution part.

The United State supports jihadists in Syria and Nazis in Ukraine. Yup, the empire is crumbling.
I love knock offs of Uncle Sam posters.
Jewish Telegrapic Agency is a pretty reliable source. 
 One of many where I left a snotty response, like "Maybe if you didn't drink so much you'd realize women don't like men who drink so much."

Or "Is that a surgeons hat or a KKK hood?"

I've been leaving this at a lot of Chomsky photo quotes lately.

Can't help it if we wonder...

Probably even that SHIT bio on a certain wiki that will remain nameless.

OMG! Who is this proud woman born woman?

Or this one singing her song...