Friday, March 24, 2017

Recent womens and American Indian protest photos

March 8, 2017 International Women's Day
I took these at the 800 plus mostly women rally a few blocks from the Capitol building. Just a few of them below.

March 10, 2017 Standing Rock Indian protest vs. Dakota Pipeline
Maybe a 1000 activists, mostly out of towners, at this one. Some great indigenous costumes.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

These (state brainwashed) Kids Today!

Read an infuriating article from University of Pennsylvania student newsletter whining about "'Women are being erased' under Trump" - when they made it quite clear they were big supporters of the transgender movement which has relentlessly tried to erase women born as women. Just sharing this edited version of my ranting reply to keep the blog alive. (Wonder if the snowflakes will delete it.) I'll even link from FB (aka freaking facebook - bleah, crappy archiving for compulsive archivists.)  Enjoy... Plus a few memes for emphasis.

This article would be humorous if it wasn't so sad.  Because of transgender ideologues physicians can't say "mother" or "breastfeeding" in England any more - how long before here?; pro-choice women mentioning vaginas or wearing pink pussy hats or carrying "don't tread on my uterus" graphics are called "transphobic"; abortion clinics become womens clinics; and women's clinics become what - all gender clinics?

Women who dare to note that women born as women, their experiences as well as their natural bodies, are being erased are called TERFs (Trans exclusionary radical feminists). That acronym often is used in the insult/threat "DIE, TERF, DIE" delivered over the last few years to thousands of women online. Women who hold forums just to discuss these issues in the most sympathetic and inclusionary manner are shouted down until police remove the offenders. A new woman’s library in Canada was invaded and property destroyed on its opening night just because one of the founders had criticized transgender ideology; protesters called for removal of books that had nothing to do with transgenderism which they obviously hadn't read. Police had to be called.

And let's not forget the erasure of gay men and lesbian woman, i.e., all of them who now are being called transgender at an early age and rushed into hormone therapy, before they figure out - "Oh, I'm really gay."  Too many parents may prefer transgender children to gay or lesbian ones! Or are gays and lesbians no longer part of the "intersectionality" philosophy??

If one woman on that panel had dared to mention even one of these factoids she would have been shouted down and probably asked to leave the stage.  How many good Democratic women were too disgusted to vote for Hillary because of her support for confused little boys sharing shower rooms with their daughters or any convicted sex offender who claims to be a woman following them into a big box store woman's rest room?  My guess is it was AT LEAST 80,000 in the four usually democratic states that Trump one by 78,000 votes.

When I was in college in the sixties we had a lot of ideas about peace and love and transcending sex stereotypes and building community, ones many of us still have today. And we were on the lookout to make sure the future 1984 was not like the book “1984".

I'm sad to see today's college kids are about "diversity of tactics" and attacking anyone whose ideas are a smidgen different and reinforcing sexual stereotypes through hormone treatments of 7 year olds and making sure only your community counts and the rest are policed by federal law and jackbooted thugs to make sure they are politically correct.

Don't worry, it's not your fault. It's the fault of all the power hungry bureaucrats out to win big paychecks, promotions, perks and pensions by manipulating your lives with whatever ideology screws with people's minds the most.  And they finally have found it - instead of "1984" it is "2017."  "War is peace" and "men with penises can be women".  What a collapse in morality, culture and common sense.

Soon you’ll be out of college and realize that your future already has been mortgaged to pay for baby boomers social security and medicare. (In 3 years I’ve already collected about 8 times more than I put in and I’ve got healthy genes and expect to live another 20 years.) So if you don’t want to be slaves paying 2/3 to 3/4 of your income in taxes for war and elder care, sharing an apartment with 3 roomies, and no hope of having your own kids, you better start looking at reality and stop listening to tenured professors who are little more than mind-f*cking government bureaucrats.

There is an alternative, one many of us discovered when reading Paul Goodman's "Communitas" and Kirkpatrick Sale's "Human Scale." It is radical political decentralization and destruction of the centralized governments that are our real oppressors, bringing war, poverty and oppression.

Right now all you are doing is serving bureaucrats and a state that couldn’t care less if they destroy you. Stop wasting your time on divisive intersectionality and put your efforts into fighting for EVERYONE's freedom.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

INPUT! INPUT! for my poor neglected blog...

Here's some of my fun memes of last month...

Poor neglected blog...

Neglected for the so much more ephemeral Facebook pro-choice and libertarian and uppity women organizing facebook posts and twitter tweets. Sure, I screenshot everything twice a month for posterity. At least til Trump gets us nuked in the new war he and Israel's fascist leader Bibi Netanyahu are planning vs. Iran. (Russia has a military alliance with Iran. Guess mainstream media never mentioned that, did it?)

Plus I am trying to get my old websites updated. (So hopefully they'll all look cool like this one I'm working on.) So pardon me if I just do a few quick screen shots of some recent postings and memes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Women Protest against Sexism - and for Abortion Rights!

Carol & pro-choice libertarians sign
Two and half weeks ago - January 21 - 500,000 mostly women protested the rank sexism of newly inaugurated President Trump. Most of us were against his most dangerous agenda, outlawing abortion from conception. This despite the fact polls show a large majority of Americans want to keep abortions legal:  Quinnipiac University national poll and Pew Research Poll. d/

Under Roe v. Wade abortion is legal in all cases in the first two trimesters and to save life of mother or remove dead or dying fetus. Most late term abortions due to women having inadequate access to high priced abortions that it takes them time to arrange. All due to the vicious laws passed by abortion prohibitionists who inaccurately call themselves "ProLife."  Something our Pro-Choice Libertarians group emphasizes and other pro-choice groups should too.

See all my photos here. And below are some particularly good pro-choice signs.

Monday, January 16, 2017

OOOPS! It's 2017 already! A couple January posts

What the hey...  Let's start with one from today... The Anti-Abortionist Boobs Memes debate started again when some guys started ooggling one of their memes.  I responded with this meme:

Plus other stuff... now hopefully back to our regularly scheduled blah blah blah...

OOOPS! It's 2017 already! December Posts

Here's a couple good ones from Facebook, December 2016.

* * * *

I also was on quite a Pro-Choice Libertarian binge in December, debating with some anti-abortionist women who try to show how cool they are to "sex positive" young women (and male voyeurs) by showing their cleavage. Yet elsewhere they have insulted and shamed and defacto terrorizing women through calling abortion murder and making it clear the law should deal with murder.  One admits she tries to get women to talk about their abortions and makes them feel bad about it. What psychotic hypocrits! I may yet do a whole website page on them once I FINALLY put into wordpress...

 And one of them is a born-again Christian who had her own ministry to women who had had abortions.  Very mentally deranged... (my mock on her, not her actual meme!)

Can you tell that I believe that extremism in defense of women's control of their own bodies is NO VICE?? To paraphrase Karl Hess who wrote "liberty" for some presidential candidate who lost. I just applied it more specifically to women's rights - which these right wing dick pricks are putting under assault yet again. And women are getting mad!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

OOOPS! It's 2017 already! November Posts

Haven't been blogging lately. Too busy with often lower quality posts on more ephemeral Facebook. (Though I religiously archive posts.)  So here's some of my better FB posts since last time I blogged here. Starting with this post, to this Federalist link.
And then there is this:

 Relevant Wikipedia links:
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* List of Military Nuclear Accidents
* Nuclear and Radiation Accidents/Incidents

Monday, November 21, 2016

Identity supremacy sucks...

MEMES make life so easy. Instead of a boring 500 or 1000 word essay that nobody reads, you can make up a colorful image that people GET immediately.  (Even if it's stupid or evil.)

This one is pretty self-evident. All sorts of supremacy is really tacky at best and sick at worse. Be it by racial, religious, ethnic, national or other groups.  Certainly if it's MALE supremacy.  And even, female supremacy, what little of it there is.