Friday, September 19, 2014

Scots decide to postpone independence til after catastrophe

Being a radical decentralist, I do not think that a 51% vote should force all Scots to declare independence from Britain. So I can't be too disappointed by the vote. Of course, it would be fun to see the English imperialists whose grand-daddies murdered millions of captive peoples over hundreds of years get a good sock in the nose. (Think Ireland and India, in addition to Scotland.) 

Of course, as a radical decentralist I think that any one who wants to get out from under the the British boot should have a right to do it today. Looks like 53 percent of Glasgow is ready!  

But I predict that Scots eventually will declare independence. Like when the British economy collapses again under the weight of debt caused by militarism, the looting rich and too many Brits on the dole. When half those working for the British government loose their jobs, and two-thirds of those working for British corporations do as well, the Scots will be delighted to take back their land from the superiority complex-ridden but ultimately self-destructive British elites and their dumb supporters.  

I just hope Scotland doesn't have to take too many nuclear hits when the British imperialists help the United States promote nuclear war (accidentally or on purpose) with Russia.  Keep baiting the bear, you stupid wankers. 

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flying like a bird over Manhattan... yoo ha!!

I'm doing this in my next life.  I'll probably be a macho latino guy, so this is a positive outlet for that energy.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Enough, already, you can keep the old, ugly Doctor Who

Like a lot of people I said, "Oh, no, they're going to replace fun cute Matt Smith "Dr Who" with some ugly old guy.  It'll never watch. I'll never watch it. boo hoo hoo."

I think it was about the 8th time someone in the first Capaldi episode brought up how disgusting it was he was old and ugly, emphasizing much breast beating by various characters,I said, "Ok, you win, let him be old and ugly. Just don't talk about it any more!" Just in case they needed to reach the hard cases (those who really are young and pretty), they bemoaned the Horrible Fact another 6 or 7 times.   Is that called reverse psychology?  Or just psychology. 

And if we keep talking about getting rid of patriarchy and violence and war will they get fed up and say, "OK, let there be equality and freedom and peace and love" and cut out all their BS?  Time hopefully will tell...
Update 9/16/14: After three shows I can honestly say I LOVE THE NEW DR. WHO.  After all he IS 10 years younger than me, about the age I like them. And Peter Capadi is cute and funny like Roberto Benigni of "It's a beautiful life" fame.  Plus he's Scottish, and hopefully those brave souls will be freeing themselves from the English yoke this week in their September 2014 referendum.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Warlord McCain with ISIS warlords... and anti-Warlordism in Ferguson

A Huffington Post listing of McCain's support for the "Freedom fighters" in Syria is quite a contrast to his recent calls for US military destruction of the Islamic State (of Iraq/Syria/Levant) - aka ISIS.  But as ISIS released photos show, he met with one or more of of their leaders already. Warlord meets warlords.

Now he wants to bomb his buddies. We'd all be dead in nuclear war if that psycho-pathological nut had been elected president in 2008.  Unfortunately, it's likely the Republicans will elect a similar nut in 2016, one that wants to do a quickie first strike on Russia and China, as well as to keep on warring on Arabs and Muslims.  Unless Americans reject the warmongering vs. Arabs and Russians being promoted now.

At least Americans rebelled against the police state in this country over in Ferguson, Missouri (even if there was macho and/or government provocateur looting and burning and molotov cocktail throwing). Now Americans must make the connection between police racial oppression at home and US militaristic racist imperialism world wide, including even against all those white people who don't speak English as a first language! Images from rebelling citizens below.

And let's not forget what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians.
Reminder to Israelis and their supporters: 
 (Palestinian land)
(Palestinians to get or keep that land)
Remind me to make my own photo meme thingie...

 Image flashed on British (former Empire's) Parliament
Washington DC protest August 9, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh, that Russell Brand!

I've seen him a few times and generally found him amusing. This video is particularly good, making fun of Sean Hannity for his terrorist behavior towards his Palestinian guest. Plus more meme graphics telling it like it is...


Monday, July 21, 2014

Brave American Jew in Israel stands up for Palestinian rights

Counter-protesting can help those who are uncomfortable with the general consensus but not quite ready to break from it, do so...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Libertarian metaphysics, ethics and social organization are the rising consciousness...

My views on most topics are well known by now: patriarchy sucks; violence sucks; organized violence in the form of the state sucks.

Metaphysical libertarianism (creative free will as basis of reality) and libertarian ethnics and social organization (liberty for the individual without threatened or actual violent coercion by individuals, groups or states; individuals create communities which network and confederate as needed to deal with common issues; super-majority/direct democracy within a contractual framework) is the solution.

This view must assume one follows libertarian metaphysics which rejects all those tyrannical patriarchal gods and their dominance and control fanaticism, as well as sexual stereotypes and automatic group think, of course. Anyway, my views aren't all that unusual.  Libertarian metaphysics and social organization are the rising consciousness.  Just a few examples are the insightful graphics and links below.  

So even if I croak off tomorrow and never finish my book CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITY: TRANSCENDING GOD AND STATE, the evolution of consciousness will happen.  The only question is, will it happen before or after we kill off 6 billion people in a nuclear holocaust, as Washington DC Imperialist Hawks are pushing us to do. REMEMBER THE 6 BILLION!!!
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