Thursday, July 23, 2015

Inspiring video against limitations on women

Incredible short video about limitations patriarchy places on women and about the girls who say NO! to those limitations. Made me cry to think how many years (67) I've been told to STOP doing whatever males don't like. And all the different ways I've rebelled against it.  Glad to see these younger women being encouraged early on to rebel since I wasn't much encouraged til I was past 20 years old... Yeah, women's lib! It's even gone commercial!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump/Cosby/Clinton - Demagogue/Rapists/Hypocrite

Watching Fox's Media Buzz today and Trump, Cosby and Hillary Clinton dominated the discussion about news coverage.

And for the umpteenth time I thought:

* Trump is the demagogue I thought Ted Cruz would be.  Maybe he's the inevitable Hitlerian personality who will take power. (Someone else beat me to the morph to the left.) First he came for the Latinos...

* For the world to believe Cosby was a rapist, 30 women attesting to it was not good enough; only Cosby's testimony in a civil suit that he used drugs to get women to have sex with him (voluntarily he alleges) convinced the media and millions of others that it was true. WHAT THE HELL DO THE DOZEN PLUS WOMEN ASSAULTED AND RAPED BY BILL CLINTON HAVE TO PROVE FOR PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IT??
* Hillary, you hypocrite, you know you enabled your molesting/raping bastard husband. Juanita Broadderick feels you tried to intimidate her into silence about Bill raping her in the 1970s. You are no woman of courage... Just an egomaniacal manipulator... 

Two interesting updates: New York Post "Bill Cosby's wife says accusers consented to drugs and sex"  and Justin Raimondo writes Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate? A warmongering racist lunatic lets loose – and he’s crazy like a fox.  So he is just as dangerous merely running as winning...

Friday, July 10, 2015

One Flag Down, Hundreds More to Go!

Speaking of flags, per the July 4th image below... Right now the confederate flag is coming down in South Carolina.  Good riddance.  As any good libertarian knows, that flag and all flags symbolize the RIGHTS of STATES to get away with as much oppression as they can fool or bully the people who live under them to accept.

The civil war was a war for states' rights, not individual rights, as slaves, Native Americans and women of the time could tell you. The states didn't want the federal government imposing those economic restrictions and tariffs either, they wanted the STATES to impose most laws and taxes.

Slave states that pushed that STATE RIGHT to the point of secession were dealt with harshly by the federal government.  Slave states that did not secede were allowed to keep their slaves a couple years longer than those that did.  So it was a war to free the slaves of SOME states...  It wasn't a war for individual rights, but what war ever really is?

War is about economic and political elites trying to control other peoples and territories, and kill or drive off those not willing to live under the yoke of the state and its by-the-elite-and-for-the-elite laws. As the Eastern Russian speaking Ukrainians, Palestinians concentrated in camps by Israel, Kurds suppressed by several states, Sunnis oppressed by Shiites and Shiites oppressed by Sunnis, Tibetans, Scotlanders, Catalandians in Spain, etc etc etc can tell you.

My two music videos below express my sentiments on the matter... Or see my sorely-needing-updating-revamping site Secession.Net!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Declaration's most significant point...

Let's not forget the MOST significant sentence in and point of the Declaration of Independence...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Psychotic male strikes again.... It's Patriarchy, Stupid!!!!

Charleston AME Church

Yup, another young psychotic male shoots up a bunch of people, and what is the conversation always about? Gun violence. Gun control. Racism. Supremacism. Police violence. Gang violence. Drug violence. Terrorism. ISIS. US/Israeli imperialism. Ukrainian right sector. Sometimes they even mention mental issues or prisons that only create more skilled criminals. Some non-mainstream media sources mention which anti-depression drugs the psychos were on when they committed their crimes.

But what do all these males have in common? THEY ARE MALES!!!  Products of the psychotic psycho-dynamic called PATRIARCHY.  One gets so tired of having to analyze and categorize and denounce each and ever incident. Sure, women commit violent crimes, but it's usually under the influence of some guy or a result of postpartum depression.

Radical means getting to the root. And the root of human suffering is the psychotic IDEA that dominant males should rule (whether they pose as males or transgenders) just because they are stronger and have a bit more testosterone than females.  And everyone else should behave according to whatever the male-defined ideology is regarding sex/gender, race, religion, culture, politics, economics, etc. --- or else.   And thus we get a world of woe.  
 Wake up, women and rationale men, raise your consciousnesses, transcend all the gender stereotypes, live, love and cry in a healthy manner...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Defense Dept. admits US supported Islamic State vs. Syria...

Foreign Policy Journal reports that Defense Intelligence Agency memos obtained by Judicial Watch show that, to quote the most explicit one from 2012:


This just confirms the message of Ben Swann's video "Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS" with's Angela Keaton which traces previously know information about the US involvement. A libertarian, Swan does news on now. He'll be heading to the camps with the rest of us when the whip comes down...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The dreams of the Sixties' sixty-somethings

I loved the ending of AMC's MAD MEN. Screwed up adman Don Draper OOOming happily on a California hilltop - and the last scene is "Buy the World A Coke" advert.  In the story he was supposed to be in charge of the CocaCola account - if he ever returned to the advertising firm from playing hippy hooky. Artistic license of course, not the real story. 

I worked for several months in 1972 in one of the biggest agencies in New York City and it sure brought back old memories. Except by then most of the younger secretaries ran around bra-less and in jeans. See photo of me holding what we used to smoke in the creative department.  And lots of other places in the building.

Just because the revolution of love, peace and non-aggression didn't happen after the famous "Buy the world a coke" advertisement below, doesn't mean there aren't lots of people who remember there was such a dream from the generation of us Sixties, Sixty-somethings. Including still held by the younger generation which the show's producers and writers represent. So let's chalk it up as one more win for higher consciousness and liberty!