Monday, February 08, 2016

So, a little dirt on Bernie Sanders...

Obviously as a libertarian, I can’t support a HUUUGE statist like Bernie Sanders.  I like to think he IS the least likely of the Demopublicans to get us into a nuclear war, which is my biggest issue. But I’d trust the libertarian or green party candidates far more on that issue.  Let's face it, Sanders' anti-freedom socialist protectionist corporate statist policies would destroy the economy, probably leading to a really big warmonger being elected in 2020. (The current Republican crew already wants to first strike North Korea and/or send Japan after them! Make the Middle East sands glow. Take on Russia and China militarily....etc.  Oi, I'm heading for my bomb shelter in the hills if they win!)
My little dirt on Sanders is my one run in with him in spring of 1999 when for three months Bill Clinton was bombing the heck out of Serbia. Supposedly it was because of Serbia's mass murder of Muslim Kosovars, which proved to be an exaggerated charge. (Just like Hillary Clinton’s exaggerated charges against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. At least Bernie was “wary” of that war.)

Carol spring 1999
The war happened soon after the release of the film “Wag the Dog” about an attempt to distract the electorate from a presidential sex scandal by creating the illusion of a fake war with Albania. Of course, Kosovars were largely Albanian Muslims whose growing numbers and terrorist attacks were driving Christian Serbs out of their lands. The Monica Lewinsky scandal and the bombing of Serbia happened soon after the release of the film.

One would like to think Bernie has gotten smarter. After all, the real goal of bombing Serbia was to prove that the United States would be the ones drawing boundaries in Europe, even in countries friendly to Russia.  During the bombing some in the military were calling for sending ground troops in, which Russia warned could trigger nuclear war.  Clinton did not do so.  Bernie at least is "wary" of the United States continuing to expand NATO and poke the Russian bear.

Anyway, one day during the bombing I joined an organized group of peaceniks lobbying against the war, going office to office in the US House of Representatives.  We were received politely in all the offices and with greater enthusiasm by an aide in the office of our D.C. representative who was against the war.  And then we walked into Bernie Sanders office - and all hell broke lose.  He was really mad at us for daring to complain about his vote, yelled at us and practically kicked us out of his office. Ever since I’ve thought he was a real ass, to be kind.
I don’t remember off hand if we went to his office before or after he had Vermont protesters arrested at his Vermont office or before or after one of his staff members quit because of his stand on the war.  Here are excerpts from a relevant press release and personal letter.
Green Mountain Veterans for Peace- 27 Apr 1999
"Occupying Bernie Sander's Burlington Office w/ Follow-up"

[Burlington, VT] I am writing on behalf of the anarcho-socialist-feminist and anti-racist left in Vermont, some 25 of whom are sitting next to me in this occupation. We are in Bernie's Sander's office to help bring a halt to the escalating war in Yugoslavia and the ongoing war against Iraq, both supported by Sanders....Bernie became an imperialist to get elected in 1990.... The Vermont Democratic Party leadership has allowed no authorized candidate to run against Bernie in 1990 (or since) and in return, Bernie has repeatedly blocked third party building...Sanders continues to support sanctions even though the Iraqi body count has now passed 1.5 million. Just as he has supported every bombing of Iraq since 1992. When Clinton sent military units to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in October, 1994 because Iraq moved troops inside Iraq closer to the Kuwait border (apparently about 100 miles away), Bernie supported this because "we cannot tolerate aggression."...Among his other discredits, Sanders supported the Federal Crime Bill that give the gave the capitalist state more than 50 new pretexts to execute members of the working class--because those without capital get the punishment. He did this while courting the Vermont Police Chief's Assn....On a related issue, Bernie was recently asked by the local press why he was the only member of Vermont' s three member Congressional delegation who had no person of color on his staff. Bernie responded that "we're hiring the most qualified people we can." ...At 6:30 PM, one half hour after closing time, Philip Fiermonte of Bernie's staff had 15 of us arrested for trespass. Sanders refused a conference call with those in the occupation, which was carried out nonviolently and with no disruption to his staff.

Sanders' staff policy analyst Jeremy Brecher wrote a letter of resignation to Sanders over the bombing of Serbia soon after. It was widely circulated among peace groups at the time. It said in part:

On 4/27/99 I presented you with a memo laying out an alternative approach to current Administration policy. It stated, "The immediate goal of U.S. policy should be a cease-fire which halts Serb attacks on Kosovo Albanians in exchange for a halt in NATO bombing.... The House Resolution (S Con Res 21) of 4/29/99 which "authorizes the president of the United States to conduct military air operations and  missile strikes in cooperation with the United States' NATO allies against  the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia" supports not only the current air war but also its unlimited escalation. It thereby authorizes the commission of war crimes, even of genocide. Indeed, the very day after that vote, the Pentagon announced that it would begin "area bombing," which the Washington Post (4/30/99) characterized as "dropping unguided weapons from B-52  bombers in an imprecise technique that resulted in large-scale civilian casualties  in World War II and the Vietnam War." It was your vote in support of this resolution that precipitated my  decision that my conscience required me to resign from your staff.

A 2015 Alternet article covered the staffer's resignation and mentions more recent “troubling” behavior by Sanders. While he voted against the 2003 Iraq war, “he also voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan.” More recently, he voted for a $1 billion aid package for the (neo-NAZI- riddled) 2014 “coup government” in Ukraine.

Alternet says Sanders also supported Israel's 2014 bombing of Gaza which left over two thousand Palestinians dead and a significant percentage of the population homeless. At a town hall meeting Sanders stated that Israel might have "overreacted", but merely blamed Hamas. He did not mention Israel’s starvation of the Palestinian population or continuing confiscation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank.  After a woman asked why Sanders refused to condemn Israel's actions, he told critics: "Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.”  See this Alternet article for the dirt on his position on the land-grabbing-ethnic-cleansing-through-bombing-and-starvation state of Israel.

This video of Sanders yelling at a protester also was widely distributed during 2014.

Decentralists and secessionists in Vermont comment on Sanders in this August 2015 Bill Kaufman article in the AmericanConservative.  While applauding some of Sanders' accomplishments, Kaufman writes “On the down side, Bernie is impervious to facts. He’ll say anything to advance the movement, and he’s not technically lying. You have to know the truth before you can lie, and for Bernie the Truth is what is required to be true by Marx’s scientific theory of history.”   Typical commie!!

Kaufmann notes that one secessionist leader of the Second Vermont Republic was quoted as saying that Sanders wasn’t happy when he was invited to become President of a secessionist Vermont Republic.  Of course not, he doesn’t want to break up “big power”, he wants to concentrate it in the hands of the “right people”, all of whom doubtless will be very left wing and as intolerant of dissent as Sanders has been.

I joke that if Sanders or Trump get elected, either might impose martial law. Trump, if he can't get his way with Congress and Sanders when millions of right wing conservatives start a serious secession movement. Who knows, skeptical peaceniks might join them, especially if it was a war clearly for his buddies in Israel. But don’t worry, nonviolent libertarians and decentralists will work to try to make it a peaceful secessionist movement...Considering the military is less likely to follow a socialist dictator than a fascist one (i.e., the Republicans and maybe Hillary), would Sanders crank up the printing press to bribe the military into crushing us? Give them all the weapons they want and tripple their pay and pensions? Probably any president out to crush American dissent and/or secession movements would have to do so.  Hopefully, we'll build a movement big and broad and peaceful enough that we'll never find out.

To end, our local peace group “Stop the War Now” was skeptical of the reasons for the allegedly “humanitarian” war against Serbia.

We called the vicious bombing of urban and civilian sites “Humaniterrorism”. 

When I suggested we call our march to celebrate the end of the three month bombing campaign “Not A Victory”, the group happily accepted the proposal. 

And I wrote a song about it a couple of us sang as we were marching...

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Homoerotic nonaggression pacts and presidential politics

As a bisexual, libertarian, feminist who hopes for the personal and political liberation of all people - male and female -  I can't help but think about the topic of my last few posts.  I refer to the topic of rampant sexual predation (Bill Clinton) or bisexuality (Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rubio) among presidents and presidential candidates. I believe privacy for those in the highest political positions dissolves when these people can be blackmailed or otherwise influenced, harming the lives of millions.

I do remain uncertain about why someone found to have an extra-marital affair so easily can be exposed in the media, leading to various sanctions. These might include bad publicity leading to divorce and loss of job, or at least of reputation. Yet being a closeted male bisexual or gay male in high position is a carefully guarded secret which media and even political rivals will not expose.

Some reasons might include some or all of the below:
* Per the posts below, hiding such secrets is an opportunity for blackmail by media and special interests to be exposed and wasted.
* Also, in male dominated professions like politics and journalism “boys will boys” attitudes rule.
* Hurting male reputations and careers is important. Hurting women and children in families is not as important. So guarding gay or bisexual relationships is more important than hiding extra-marital ones.
* There is a high concentration of LGBT’s in media and government who have teamed up with other powerful special interests, Republican and Democrat. They help keep peers “in the closet”, even as they subtly blackmail chosen closeted individuals to advance their own causes.
* Presidents and congress make it clear they'll cut off from sources or even pull the licenses of any major media - especially television media - that dares to expose them. Of course, if police accidentally - or purposely? - make a police bust which makes the newswires, all bets are off. (And the threat of arrest is yet another way to keep the closeted ones in line.)  Minor media and independent writers like me, of course, are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

Thinking about all this reminded me of an article from the 1980s by radical feminist John Stoltenberg.   Parts later were included in his book Refusing to be a Man (PDF). The relevant quotes from the book are:

pg 74: Under patriarchy, normally acculturated males assume —correctly—that the same impulse to sexual violence exists in other males. They therefore endeavor to enter into homoerotic truces—nonaggression pacts contracted between men who tacitly agree to aggress against “others” (women, and sometimes weaker men, or men of other races) instead of one another. When a group of men shares power over “their” constituency of women, that sharing assuages their fears of one another’s potential for aggression. In their hearts, men grow up terrified of giving offense to, and being attacked by, more violent males.

pg 75: The values that inhere on a “small” scale in homoerotic transactions between men are the same values that inhere on a grander scale in all transactions between male-owned and male-supremacist nation-states.  (You can see how this might be yet one more feminist nail in the coffin of the nation state, as far as I - the webmaster of - am concerned!)

Not outing closeted males, or even those cheating on their wives with other women - even when it threatens national security - is just another example of “nonaggression pacts contracted between men who tacitly agree to aggress against ‘others’ (women, and sometimes weaker men, or men of other races) instead of one another.” So unless a male has so trampled on the pact or otherwise deserves destruction, his secret will be safe.  And all the males will make sure both the “weaker” men and women whose lives and jobs they control also keep their mouths shut.

Next question, how does this principle apply to the transgender issue? I’m sure the issue has a lot of these alpha males torn on the issue. On the one hand a lot of these male to "female" transgenders are still large or aggressive males (most transgender keep their penis and testicles, even if they do hormone replacement surgery).  Many are men with successful careers in sports and the military or other expertise which makes them still dangerous.  I don’t know of any transgenders who are “outing” the fact that the “nonaggression pact” exists and going around openly rejecting it.

My guess is, as long as transgenders continue to agree to the pact, they will be allowed as “women” to control weaker males and women-born-women, including those they encounter in womens bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, prison cells, etc.  As long as they aren’t caught molesting the women controlled by other powerful and/or “alpha male” members of the pact, they will be safe.  And I'm sure many males fee that if transgenders happen to infiltrate and destroy the feminist movement with a lot of cultish baloney meant to mesmerize women into passivity, more power to them!  These types of males are just SO TIRED of all that uppity female back talk.  (Note that Stoltenberg has become a transgender apologist; but while there’s life, there’s hope he’ll see the error of his ways.)

Yup....sounds familiar.... just another male plot...

RubioRobot in action

Chris Christie called it about the boy in the bubble. Turns out it's the Robot in the foamy pool bubble. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for him.  Too bad Christie's an anti-abortion warmongering prosecutor, I'd really like him...  (Updating post below with the dirt on GW Bush's drunken bisexual sex orgies.)

Making fun of the alpha males can be quite a release but have to get more substantive...Fix your websites Carol! Stop messing around!  (OK, an expose on Sanders coming asap and then I'll stop...)

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Emporer/Empress is Bisexual - continued...

After the coffee-buzz posting of yesterday afternoon, a late evening continuation on the topic...

It looks like the Rubio story has been around for a few weeks now. Duh...  Here's some gay sites' titulated and/or skeptical responses, focused on those "foam parties" where photos appear to show naked men in foam-covered swimming pools doing who knows what under the foam.(1, 2, 3)  And a couple stories about his friend Barrios’ renting to gay pornorgraphers and defending their activities in court.(1, 2)  Rubio has been mocked by other candidates regarding his high heeled boots, with the inference he’s gay.(1, 2, 3) In response, not only has he created a Youtube ad on the “Rubio Crime Spree” (which jokes about absurdly false allegations as opposed to the actual details of his arrest). And on the Jimmy Fallon show he joked about his boots, including ruining an earlier pair at a “1990s foam party in Miami”. He infers it’s a fully clothed heterosexual party on a normal dance floor.

Rumors of Hillary’s bisexuality have been around for twenty years. Even the Daily Mail covered Bill Clinton’s former lover Gennifer Flower’s 2013 allegation Bill told her Hillary was a very active lesbian.  One site actually mentioned the potential “blackmail” issue of hiding such relationships. The National Enquirer, which revealed the Flowers affair in the 1990s, has been insisting Hillary erased hundreds of emails because they were with or about her women lovers.(1, 2)  A former Clinton insider confirmed stories of her affairs. And conservative gossip Matt Drudge bemoaned the fact the major media doesn’t cover the issue, despite her lovers' names being leaked by the National Enquirer.  And Hillary in 2015 actually responded to the allegations telling a gay magazine: “It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.”

For 9 years Americans had heard about Bill Clinton's alleged and admitted sexual affairs and aggression against women. We figured we’d be safe from such gossip with the "straight" George W. Bush. But evidence of G.W. Bush’s bisexuality began leaking out and over time probably became the most detailed of all these powerful individuals. Various minor sources have covered his possible affair with a college roommate, their trysts with homosexual prostitutes, homosexual orgies in Mexico, and his one or more affairs with men in the White House. Books have been published detailing some of these activities. (See sometimes accurate sources like PrisonPlanet, Rense  and Veterans Today.  Or do a search of the internet for more information.) PoliticalHotwire shows photos of Bush kissing and hugging a male who allegedly is a gay prostitute who frequently visited G.W. in the White House.  G.W.’s activity even is alleged to be related to family political decisions. Could it be true that his father George H. invaded Panama because his dictator friend Manuel Noriega was threatening to publicize sexual photos of G.W. with men?  And how might this ongoing secret impact Jeb Bush, should he be elected president?

As for Obama, even the Huffington Post covered allegations he was a coke head and gay prostitute in high school and enjoyed the Chicago gay bar and bathhouse scene after college and law school.  In between it’s alleged he was in gay relationships at Occidental College and at Columbia University. The Guardian has a story on his Pakistani housemate in NYC whose photo does make one believe rumors they were lovers.  Wayne Madsen went into great detail on Obama a few years back: on Obama’s finger nail polish at Congress; his gay days in bars and bathhouses in Chicago; and other details. has a more recent update.
The issue of possible blackmail by special interests is easily comprehended by most people. However, too many still reject the idea that people should be free to be gay or bisexual and hold political office. I did notice that Wikipedia actually has a category listing of bisexual politicians!

A feminist insight is that males feel they have a right to be closet bisexuals, cheat on their girl friends and wives (possibly bringing home disease). And they have have the right to have the whole thing dismissed with a wink and a nod by male dominated professions like politics and journalism where “boys will boys” attitudes rule.  And some women, like Hillary and her lovers, also have been successful in keeping a lid on it. (I'd be more sympathetic to her if she had not repeatedly been accused of insulting and intimidating women who were victims of her husband's sexual assaults!)

Of course, young people today are far more free about announcing their sexual identities (even when confused, like so many self-styled “transgenders” and “genderqueers”) and their sexual preferences. So maybe should he get the nomination, young Rubio non-chalantly will go on the Ellen DeGeneres show and say, “Sure, I was gay or bisexual as a young man. Yes, maybe I was being hypocritical for being against gay marriage. What the hey!!  Be free, do your thing!”  But I’m not holding my breath...

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Emperor/Empress is Bisexual - get over it!!

As a bisexual I'm tired of (past or current) bisexuals like G.W. Bush, Obama, Hillary and Rubio being promoted by the establishment to high office because they are so blackmailable. Meanwhile the gay establishment uses these individuals' closetedness to advance LGBT causes. 

The rest of the citzenry is clueless about what's going on, of course. And the journalists who know what's really going on pretend they don't, so they don't lose their establishment jobs.  They act stupid about "why is s/he doing this????" (I saw a perfect example in some coverage the other night on a cable news station but can't remember the details.)

I'll provide some links on the first three later.  (Plus links to past blogs where I mentioned this phenomena.) But the newest favorite establishment closet bisexual is: MARCO RUBIO

The Washington Post in January danced around the issue in a story about Rubio's 1990 arrest for sitting in a car at a park known for gay prostitution. He was with his friend Angel Barrios, a future housemate who later owned a property making gay pornography. The Post only mentions that Barrios now owns "coin-operated laundries." (Gee, and just last week Rubio was talking about an American dream where people could have their own businesses - like a string of laundries, or was it car washes?)  Here's a Wayne Madsen expose video on PrisonPlanet.

WayneMadsenReport  does a great expose on Rubio, just like he did on Obama's history of bisexuality. Hope the links don't disappear behind his paywall.
* January 27-28: "Porndormgate": "Rubio panders to evangelicals in Iowa while gay prostitution scandal from his past blows wide open"
* January 29-31: Rubio's coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties (Allegedly he met his wife at one.)
* February 2-3: Rubio's allies come to his defense over Miami past (currently behind paywall) but here's a relevant 2015 Reuters story. "Presidential hopeful Rubio reaches out to gay Republicans  "

So now we know why Rubio is SUCH a Toady to special interests.  He - like Ted Cruz - wants to be the first Latino president. Rubio is willing to sell out his soul to blackmailing special interests to do it. Cruz is a tiny tad more independent, which is why he can't win...
I'm so pissed off I may start the FREE THE BISEXUALS movement!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Drinking the Google Koolaid 4 the good of the revolution

Anyone who has visited here before (including my low consciousness stalkers) will notice a wonderfully revamped format. YAY! (Below, the old one... boring and structurally messy.)

That's because I gave up trying to figure out Wordpress on my own domain host or how to use my new HTML web site creation program, the latter for now anyway.  The revolution has been held back at least eight months because of my frustration, in which I turned to massive amounts of de-cluttering and housework. (Needed doing anyway.)

Update: Scratch this paragraph, assuming you can understand the webhost I only inferred what I was moving to. Going to have learn Wordpress after all, for bunch of reasons. But now I've freed myself. Minor compromises are sometimes necessary for the revolution! Plus, Google isn't going to kick me off right away for trying to organize the nonviolent dissolution of the United States government - and all big, violent, patriarchal governments worldwide.  And by the time they realize what I'm up too, and the Feds start feeding them excuses, I'll have enough support that I can hire real live webmasters on a truly libertarian hosting site. YAY!!!

So get ready to see delightfully revamped and updated CarolMoore.Net, Secession.Net, WhatWouldGandhiDo.Net, StopTheWarNow.Net, MerrySolstice.Com and my other revolutionary sites in the coming weeks. (Still have to figure out the social media html links...)

I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!   Celebrating with some recent fun memes below!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Nov 9, 2016 - who will be ready to secede?

The last four presidential elections, members of losing liberal or conservative states were talking secession. So we'll probably see it again, starting the day after the next presidential election. Will Carol be ready this time? Sure, if she ever finishes her housework.
In the interim some images that say it all about the last few months... And our futures??

 SPEAKING OF CONSCIOUSNESS, better late than never...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Carol's November thoughts on SCARY topics of interest...

This being merely .001% of my thoughts, mostly communicated through other peoples' thoughts.

Yup, Trump IS proving to be not just a demagogue but a fascist...

Our NATO "allies" like Turkey are shooting down Russian planes that briefly strayed over Turkey while bombing Northern Syria.  Can anyone spell...accidental nuke war right around the corner??

Plus other trenchant commentary expressed in other peoples' memes...
(Note: I'm not a lesbian but I agree!)