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Manhood proved through violence worldwide

As long as I have blogger open, might as well share something a woman wrote and I commented on. The "violence to prove manhood" theme and truth is something I've been promoting for last 17 years especially.

From a libertarian viewpoint, of course, access can be restricted by gun sellers voluntarily NOT selling to people who they believe are mentally disturbed. And companies not engaging in profiting off selling weapons to terrorist groups and evil governments all over the world. And people voluntarily giving up guns to private associations that will destroy them. Obviously having a bunch of macho jackbooted thugs raiding homes to take guns is as bad as macho jackbooted thugs raiding homes and clinics to stop abortions.

The other thing is to secede into communities of likeminded people who don't want guns - except for the police who keep out gun owners, of course. Just hope they don't become tyrants 

The memes of early 2018

Feeling feisty again! At least feisty enough to meme away - make sure #POTUS saw a lot of them. If he was looking! Not to mention thousands of impressionable young minds on social media.

Catching up on three months of undone personal projects. Secession.Net WILL get up their fully loaded sooner rather than later. Meanwhile you'll see me wasting lots of time on public posts at Facebook/CarolMoore1776 and Twitter/CarolMoore1776


Of course, some old farts like BERNIE SANDERS have Russian heritage, WANT a big socialist state like USSR used to be and are pissed that Russia has become a kleptocratic oligarchy. He's too dumb to realize that's what it was under communism too, just a lot poorer.  The rich then ate meat every night.  Now they own palaces.  Haven't thought of a clever meme for that message yet.


I could do one showing how Deep State and Media profit from them.  But I probably will do one on how Radical Decentralization/Secession is the answer and different communities can make up their own gun laws.


Do we really believe Trump White House's latest denial there NEVER was a "bloody war" attack on North Korea scenario. This is best article on topic I've seen so far: Here’s what war with North Korea would look like - A full-blown war with North Korea wouldn’t be as bad as you think. It would be much, much worse in VOX.

This is my "go to" meme whenever I see a couple of alpha males battling away on social media. Just stick their photos in the template.

I keep sending this one around, lest we forget!!


Only one new meme!?!  So here are a couple amusing photos from other radical feminist anti-genderists.

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The memes of late 2017

Don't get old. Rough fall with bad reaction to the senior superflu shot, old lady sinus issues, old lady head bump issues, gained 25 lbs this year and my knees are killling me old lady complaints - and worst of all two MORE old lady teeth removed.  Can you guess why the Solstice song I sang the most was "all I want for Solstice is my two front teeth"?

So actually I didn't do too many memes in late 2017.  And even fewer FB rants than usual. And barely anything else got done besides laundry, cooking, minimal house cleaning and constant care of whiny big mutts - and semi-care of my semi-disabled male whatever.... 

On with the show...

#1 on this topic

#2 on this topic

Merry Solstice Decorations at my house...

Review of Jane Jacobs' "Cities and the Wealth of Nations"

Combing through my files, I found a book review I wrote for the Libertarian Party News in the spring of 1985 and reprinted a few years back in my old Vermont Commons blog (secessionist site now renamed/rebranded to  The LP News editor at the time was Karl Hess and our views were very sympatico.  (I later wrote the introduction to a Loompanic’s republication of his book “Community Technology.”)

It is amazing to me how similar my ideas at the time are to those today.  It also shows the virtue of patience: today a majority of the world’s people – and even a large plurality of Americans – are ready to listen to ideas about radical political decentralization and secession.

So below is a version slightly edited to reflect the passing of the years and to appeal to a wider audience than just libertarians. After reading it I hope you’ll agree Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)  is yet another heroine of the decentralist and secessionist movements.

Cities and the Wealth of Nations: Principles of Economic Life by Jane Jacobs, Random House, 1985.

Jane Jacobs activist and writer.
In the twenty-five years after community activist Jane Jacobs’ book The Death and Life of Great America Cities first took on big government and private developers, accusing them of ruining cities and their neighborhoods, it sold more than 250,000 copies.  In those years most city planners and architects swung over to her position, and she earned an international reputation as an urban expert. In her Cities and the Wealth of Nations, Jacobs took on economists from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, as well as the institution of the nation state, arguing for truly free markets and the “expedient multiplication of sovereignties” – i.e., the secession of cities from nation states. (Definitions of what is a “city” may differ, but I would say that today generally it is any urban area of at least 50,000 people.)

Jacobs’ book was praised by many urbanists and panned by many economists. It divided the “liberal” press, with New York Magazine, The Nation and The New Republic denouncing Jacobs’ new “conservative” and even “dangerous” direction, while The Atlantic , Mother Jones and The New Yorker printed favorable reviews. The Los Angeles Times awarded the book its 1984 Book Prize for Current Events. Even the business press was divided: Barron’s mocked it while Forbes respectfully interviewed its author.

Jane Jacobs was not an economist , but like many free market economists she rejected mathematical economic models in favor of analytical reasoning, direct observation and empirical evidence. Similarly, she rejected the macroeconomic assumption that “national economies are useful and salient entitles for understanding how economic life works” and economists’ assertions that government intervention can ensure healthy economies. Rather, she regarded cities, hotbeds of entrepreneurial activity, and as the relevant economies which should be studied. She asserted that nations are just grab bags of cities and their regions brought together by ‘bloody military force”. The true purpose of national economic and military policies is to keep these unnatural national entities from falling apart. However, Jacobs held that these policies only insure the steady decline of both nation states and their captive cities worldwide, resulting in economic stagnation on a global scale.

Jacobs supplied many examples of how vital cities upgrade their economies as entrepreneurs keep shifting to produce goods formerly imported from more advanced cities, a process she calls “import replacing”. These cities also improve the economies of their surrounding regions, providing jobs for their inhabitants, markets for their raw materials and manufactures, and eventually physically expanding into those regions.

Jacobs believes that less economically advanced cities within nations and in the Third World only can develop by building on local talents and resources and by trading with other “backward” cities.  Trading with more advanced ones whose products are superior only discourages local production. Through this kind of trade smaller cities can “bootstrap” themselves into more advanced economies by stressing self-sufficiency over disadvantageous international divisions of labor.

Unfortunately, rather than using this approach to develop backward regions within nations or in the Third World, most nations have taken to what Jacobs calls “transactions of decline”.   These transactions are subsidies for poorer regions funded by taxing more successful cities and regions thereby draining their investment capital. The three prime transactions of decline she identifies are: 1) military production to both maintain empire and prop up backward regions; 2) welfare in the form of direct payments to individuals, as well as rural and urban development boondoggles; and 3) trade with backward nations emphasizing generous loans (which may or may not be paid back) and even direct grants of financial aid and aid-in-kind. Jacobs strongly opposed such “transactions.”

Jacobs also contended that cities need their own currency as a feedback mechanism whose value would fall with the relative decline in the value of the cities’ products. This would discourage expensive imports and encourage local entrepreneurs to begin producing formerly imported products locally. Such dynamics could start the city on a new cycle of expansion. Jacobs believed a single national currency stifles this feedback mechanism and is the primary reason cities cannot stop their decline once it begins. The main beneficiary of a centralized currency system tends to be the largest city, especially if it engages in substantial import-export trade and is also the national capital. Thus we see many nations with one monstrous city like Tokyo, Mexico, Paris, Cairo or Bombay, and many smaller stagnant or declining cities.

Hard money advocates might reject Jacobs’ criticism of a single national currency because they believe that a gold standard would act, in effect, as a single national or even worldwide currency. However, Jacobs believes that even with a metal standard, the value of the currencies of different sovereign cities would vary according to the values of the goods they. Not being a consistent free marketeer, it does not occur to Jacobs that there might be several competing currencies even within a single city.

Jacobs definitively recommends the breakup of large nation states through secession of its cities and regions. However, she lamented that “virtually all national governments, it seems fair to say, and most citizens would sooner decline and decay unified, true to the sacrifices by which their unity was won, than prosper and develop in division”.  That may be far less true today.
Jacobs hoped that the world would cast up new “pattern states” made up of pioneers willing to try the secessionist experiment. In fact she was optimistic that someone would do so “if it really is within human capacities to divide large sovereignties before they have reached a dead end of disarray.”  I am sure she would be very encouraged by the views of Vermonters sympathetic to secession.

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The memes of fall 2017

A compulsive meme maker, I had to start my own "Hardcore Libertarian Memes" page on #Facistbook.   So here are a few of the better ones from this fall...

Veterans Day Thoughts on the World Wars

Walter N. Barrett, my mother's father, in 1917. Gassed and wounded in legs at Belleau Wood in 1918. Laid in mud for three days before rescued. On the way home his first ship was torpedoed. My father was luckier. He only piloted surveillance planes over No Africa 1944-45 and high tailed it out when they saw their one German plane.

After I posted the photos below and the comments above on "#Facistbook",  a couple relatives came out with stories about my father's three brothers who saw extensive action in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. But the stories they shared with their kids - or their kids shared with other relatives - were very general, avoiding the gore and trauma and emphasizing comradery or amusing incidents. Denial is more than a river in Egypt...


Women speak out, shrivel male testosterone...

She's back!! Here, anyway.  Of course I rant away at Facebook still. Usually in much shorter form.  Here's a long one from today. And I just made the meme!!
As a testosterone shriveling feminist, the spate of disclosures and exposes by brave women of sexist pigs left and right has been delightful. And let's not forget for every woman brave enough to speak out in the case of the serial abusers, there probably are 2 or 3 times as many who never will speak out.

I certainly have a number of stories which I share here and there, including the full range of actual and attempted physical abuse, both in social and employment situations. Nothing that would make the news, unless I pressed charges. None of the "famous" people I knew over the years even came on to me, so no big revelations here!! But the minor creeps were exposed among my peers.

Socially, being more sexually aggressive than most women, I often was too busy chasing the ones I wanted to spend much time worrying about the ones pursuing me. Plus it was fun making fun of the ones who came on to me who turned me off.

Job-wise, in my 20s when this was a particular problem, I always quit any job where one or more male assholes pulled that crap and tried to keep power over me. (Except for a couple who turned me on and we did the nasty.) And I'm sure there are millions of women like me, many of whom effectively gave up careers to avoid harassment and are as broke as I am in my old age.

Of course now men are saying "Oh, I'm afraid to be alone with women in offices now. We better not hire them." No, jerk weed, that's not the answer. Tell all the other jerk weeds to cut out the crap and then it won't be an issue any more. And media, keep exposing these jerks and women keep speaking out.

And, per the below, women beware loud male feminists!

I can think of two progressives in particular, proclaimed bisexual males, who were two of the slimiest sexists I know. (Though having had a lot of bisexual boyfriends, I'm not putting down all bisexuals.)

Though, if I search my memory, another 10 or 15 "progressives" will pop into memory. Ooops, three more just did. And at least a few libertarian men proclaim themselves to be feminists. And Ooops! the two who came immediately to mind were the first to scream TERF at me. (You can ask them what THEY mean. I mean TOTALLY EXCEPTIONAL RADICAL FEMALE. ) Anyhoo... couple relevant articles.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Perverting libertarian decentralism

Because of all the sexist harassment at Wikipedia when I was editing it, I never did finish and put up my article on the phrase "Libertarian Decentralism", it's history, different meanings and, IMHO, its best, most libertarian meaning.  I will be finishing it soon for re-vamped and one or more other Wikis.  I'll be particularly motivated now because of the perversion of the idea recently promoted by Mises Institute president Jeff Deist.

During my days editing Wikipedia I had the misfortune to have to deal with a couple of haters of libertarians who wrote highly biased and exaggerated stories about  a number of libertarians, especially those connected with the Mises Institute.  Their assertions usually were exaggerated and rarely were supported by the sometimes questionable sources they provided.  Of course, I heard enough about the Ron Paul newsletters over the years and certainly opined enough that they should out the idiot who wrote the most obnoxious entries and do mea culpa for publishing his screeds. But I had gotten the impression they'd reformed any such rank stupidity.

Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard, among others, have been a lot more culturally conservative than I am, and more interested in appealing to the right. As a former liberal Democrat I'm more interested in reaching out to independents and liberals -- and making sure those strays from the GOP know that women will fight for reproductive rights!  The Mises group also are annoyingly obsessed with the states rights of the confederate states and bashing unionist Abraham Lincoln. Since I emphasize individual rights today, I don't spend too much time thinking about states rights issues of 156 years ago!

However, in the last couple years some libertarians have over-reacted with increasingly vicious rhetoric to growing big government encroachment on religion and individual rights and oppressive political correctness on campus.  Especially annoying to all has been the enforcement of the latter by vicious black bloc/Antifa street violence suppressing speech. Violence begets violence. I had seen some wack jobs making joke memes online about throwing leftists and leading libertarians out of helicopters. But I didn't realize how bad it had become on an intellectual level until I heard about Jeff Deist's speech a few days after he gave it in July 2017. 

Here's my Facebook statement which I spammed to all sorts of libertarian groups.  Its goal is to raise consciousness, not to destroy people, like so many "liberal", "progressives", leftists, etc. try to do today.  Of course, my memes may be more examples of tough love than consciousness raising. Nobody's perfect!

Carol Moore comment on Jeff Deist presentation “For a New Libertarian” which he delivered at the 2017 Mises University.

As a long-time libertarian decentralist promoting subsidiarity, nullification, self-determination and secession by communities of common interest, someone who actually worked with Murray Rothbard in the 1979-82 era, I was disappointed by Jeff Deist's sloppy and off-target presentation relevant to the topic. He doesn't seem to understand the difference between the right to be parochial in your self-determining community vs. some deluded view you have to be parochial to create a libertarian society!

Sure, most humans retain what Deist calls their “stubborn ideas about family and tribe”, about “religion and faith”, “ethnic or nationalist or cultural alliances” and even their “sexual hangups and bourgeois values.” However, what matters to libertarians is that despite these attributes, humans adhere to the non-aggression principle, the Golden Rule advanced in similar language by most religious and many philosophical views. Libertarians do not see being (again Deist) “fragile and fallible and hierarchical and irrational and suspicious and herd-like” as being an impediment to understanding that principle. What hope is there of voluntary solutions and a true civic society among fallible humans without the Golden Rule?

Deist' assertion there is some great number of libertarians “appearing hostile to family, to religion, to tradition, to culture, and to civic or social institution” (civic society) seems like a straw man. Sure, there are some, but Deist does not bother to name or quote even one.

I feel like the real target of Mr. Deist’ wrath is women. After all, billions of women worldwide are rejecting the deep set “traditions” and “institutions” of “patriarchy”, otherwise known as male rule and female subservience; male competition for recognition and power, without the humiliation of being bested by women; male resort to violence to prove their manhood, without females carping about “domestic violence” and “toxic masculinity.” Most enraging to some men is women asserting they can control their own bodies and abort any fetus they find inconvenient, without even bothering to consult their all-powerful fathers or husbands. (Abortion actually is a 10,000 year old tradition among women.)

Deep familial loyalties certainly are a defense against the state, but “blood” is not the only criteria that defines family, or we would have intermarried ourselves to extinction long ago. I agree that “government wants us atomized, lonely, broke, vulnerable, dependent, and disconnected”. However, the degree to which anti-family results are intended or unintended consequences of government policies, and whether some of those policies and programs would exist in a free market anyway, is worth debating.

The truth about the breakup of American families is that 70 percent or more of divorces are initiated by women. Why? Could it be they are fed up with males who just can’t give up their old traditions of expecting women to follow their orders? Who expect them to suffer in silence when they learn husbands are having affairs or sexually abusing their children?

My meme dedicated to Jeff Deist.
Mr. Deist writes: "... assuming roughly 10% of the US population is reasonably liberty-minded, we’re talking about 32M people. Imagine if each of them had 3 kids, we’d create an army of 100M people!" Attention Jeff: Men don't have babies. So you want each libertarian oriented woman to have SIX kids each?  Or probably at least 8, since there are fewer libertarian women than men. Surprise, Mr. Deist! Few libertarian women are interested in becoming brood mares so that alleged libertarian males can create an army of 100 million people!!

However, there are lots of single mothers who would love to form “single moms” communes and communities to help each other bring up children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned by their fathers. Of course, creating such communities is illegal under most zoning regulations, something all libertarians should decry.

Nevertheless the family will survive and many families will create relatively conservative communities to protect kids from perverse outside influences. But in a society based on private property, not state territories and laws, these residential communities still will have all sorts of non-parent approved alternatives within a few miles distance. Ones that already may spied upon by a 12 year old’s toy drone.

As for religion, conservative Christian religion has been forced on people by the state for at least 1700 years. Judaism, Islam and Hinduism, among others, all have enforced religion through the state. The freedom from state-enforced religion which libertarians seek means freedom to start new religions, shades of the 1960s when psychedelic drugs led to religious inspiration, before they were crushed as being immoral by the Christian state’s war on drugs.

I certainly hope humans will evolve religions based on the libertarian metaphysics of free will, and thus principles akin to consciousness, being inherent in reality. And all true libertarians believe that the libertarian nonaggression “golden rule” must be the basis for governmental as well as private morality. But Mr. Deist evidently falls back on the old patriarchal religious and even nationalist myths which most libertarians realize encourage centralization and authority.

Mr. Deist ends with a call for libertarians to decide “what would you physically fight for” and base their strategy on his assertion that “blood and soil and God and nation still matter to people.” The national socialist sloganeering aside, this seems to be little more than an appeal to pre-libertarian macho emotions over rational thought, certainly nothing new or libertarian. And certainly nothing that would convince his preferred audience of the case for libertarian ethics, subsidiarity, nullification, self-determination and secession by communities of interest. 
END Facebook post

DANG!! I can see now I have to do a separate article debunking in greater detail the political argument that only "ethno-centric" nationalism can be the basis of liberty.  For any libertarian who isn't convinced by my authoritative assertion!   Per this meme.

A number of people note that Mises himself had been driven out of ethno-centrist Germany and was a strong anti-fascist.  I passed around this quote I found about his being against "breeding" programs, which Deist defacto proposes.

While I don't expect Deist (or Tom Woods who has most energetically defended his more extreme statements) to back down entirely, even when attacked by high profile libertarians. Deist did issue this meme soon after, perhaps as a tacit admittance that MAYBE he went too far.  We'll be watching and nitpicking you, Jeff!

There's more discussion of all this in various publications and a series of excellent articles in  See "Tribalism and Economic Nationalism Are Cut from the Same Cloth", "Is There Really an 'Insidious Libertarian-To-Alt-Right Pipeline'?", "Heather Heyer, Charlottesville, and the Awful Trajectory of Political Violence", and "Let's Give Out Genetic Testing Kits at the Next Neo-Nazi Rally".

Meanwhile, I've been meme-ing away some more... The first one is self-explanatory with the gray scale guys having called selves libertarian. (Deist is in the middle.) The second is one more variation on the meme photo I've used in this series of posts. My favorite says: "Kiss and make up."

Augustus Invictus and Ryan Ramsey, who still afflicts frustrated libertarians in the Florida party, call themselves "revolutionary conservatives." They both are into their "manhood."  Among other statements and actions, this is clear from Invictus statement written with Richard Spencer. And Ryan brags about making his (white) babies to keep (the white race) safe from "EXTINCTION!"   The title is a play on the "MUH ROADS" joke libertarians make in response to the inevitable question "Who will build the roads?"

Finally, a couple of "pox on both their houses" memes, one from the web, the bottom my own...


Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer fun mocking alt-white boys - Part II

Continued from Part I, a review of the Alt-right attempted invasion of the Libertarian Party and my MEME pushback - and LP's post-Charlottesville demand they resign from the party.  Just because it's great to see the chronology. I just hope it is END OF STORY!!!

Over the last 10 years a lot of young people have come into the libertarian movement and party influenced by Arch Abortion Prohibitionist Ron Paul and most of them are not right wing or alt-right or white nationalists. (Some white nationalist actively support abortion for non-whites!) So I made this meme as a play on a Ron Paul book title and cover.

Note that my tasks for the Pro-choice Libertarians group also have been severely restricted the last two months by dealing with this alt-right nonsense!  But I did make a couple relevant memes.

And then there are the types of "libertarians" who think we should get rid of the non-aggression principle as the basis of the libertarian movement and of membership in the party. "Do not use force or fraud on others" is a variation of the "Do unto others" Golden Rule. So I have been whipping this one out frequently.

Some libertarians started anti-racism and anti-fascism Facebook pages. In May Libertarian State Leadership Alliance 2017 National Conference presented its panel "Physically Removed, So to Speak: Making the LP Inhospitable to the Alt-Right and Other Nazis" with Josh Katz, Jody Weitzman, Mike Shipley, and Leslee Anne Petersen. I wrote a summary and distributed it widely.  The Libertarian Party twitter feed sent out a screenshot of the event. Several of us demanded stronger action.


I wasted more time reading about and being anxious about Trump's war threats and wondering if he's just looking for an excuse to impose martial law, a nice little war that won't start any nuclear war. I've got it: He'll invade Venezuela!!  With Trump's delusional dementia getting so much worse, it is scary to think the generals will end up running the US.  Even if Pence replaces Trump, will one of them run against him in 2020 and make it an official JUNTA with a bunch of his "Hoo Ya" military buddies?

This June anti- Alt-right and Antifa meme was even more popular than the more recent one in my Part I of this two part posting.

A lot of libertarians breathed a sigh of relief when Augustus Invictus joined the GOP. Maybe the LP Veteran Caucus would follow him back to the GOP!  Then came the weekend of August 11-13 and all hell broke lose in Charlottesville and online. 

If you haven't see the HBO VICE NEWS video below, watch it.  Really shows this group of "alt-right" guys aren't just jerks with a few nut jobs thrown in. Or the relatively innocuous "League of the South" types of the early 2000s who would shut up any bigots who went spouting off publicly while they networked with libertarians and decentralists. (Looks like they've gone REAL bad too!) These groups are now organized and dangerous bigots.  A few individuals passed through the libertarian movement the last 10 years because they found it to be the most organized hardcore anti-government movement.  But happily they soon realized their kind of crazy wasn't wanted and left... Don't let the occasional libertarian-sounding rhetoric fool you.  It's pretty clear they want to obtain their ends through the organized violence of the state just like the Demopublicans and the Bernie bros. (Oh, Geez. They helped Augustus Invictus and his new buddy Richard Spencer just proved it by issuing this incredibly statist "alt-right" "Charlottesville Statement". "Liberty" isn't there. And their ethno-centrism doesn't mention their right to secede into such communities. Because they want to enforce it on the whole country. Ugh....)

The video's bald ranter Chris Cantwell - who once afflicted some libertarian groups - made himself quite famous being obnoxious in this video.  And even more famous when he cried on his own streamed video because he was scared the police had a warrant out for him and were going to kill him. You can find it online easy enough. Search "cantwell crying".

My Charlottesville meme:

And, of course, I saw this photo and had to make the meme below, just to relieve the anger and disgust.

And the Libertarian Party had had enough with those asking for patience and tolerance and giving certain parties a chance to learn more about what it means to be a libertarian. My forward of their statement here...  It's official you guys - be gone!!
While some libertarians support keeping most or all of the confederate monuments, most of us think they are monuments to statism, war, slavery and deprivation of basic rights.  The best thing to do is sell them to the highest bidder who can melt them down or put them in their private museum. The cities should use the money to fix up the park, make a more libertarian statue and change the park name and street signs if relevant. A few monuments might be kept up for historical purposes, but only if they are framed by statues of slaves in chains so people don't forget that the Civil War was about something not very libertarian: "states" rights and slavery. 

I'll do a separate post soon on some intellectuals who haven't quite figured that out yet. Ones who are opportunistically looking at right wing populism and even "ethno-decentralism" to make the libertarian revolution.  Some fools never learn...