Sunday, March 27, 2011

Libertarian decentralism and secession strategy

Forgot to mention to my dozen plus readers I would be speaking on this topic at the Agora I/O online conference this weekend. Go to the schedule to see some of the "big names" among 70 odd libertarian minarchists and anarchists who spoke. Online conferences are a great idea and it was a great conference. I learned a lot from the many under 30s so active in "social networking" and online organizing.

All the archives of the conference are here (or at the organizer, George Donnelly's, Youtube page, if you want to go directly). And sitting on my butt in my room I actually listened more to the speakers than I do at most conferences where I'm usually busy being a social butterfly and promoting my own agenda. Anyway, as I say, preparing the talk helped me re-organize some of the points on my site, so check it out again after April Fool's Day :-).

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