Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Irish Day!!

From someone who recently found out she's less than 3/4 Irish because there's a bunch of German ancestors who came over in 1732 - 100 years after the British ancestors came. The Irish couldn't afford passage til the 1800s, with a British whip on their backs. Freedom, baby, Freedom!!

Update: Fake out on you if you thought the above was me! The real me on St Patty's Day 2011 is at left, taken after seeing the FURTHER (formerly "Grateful Dead") concert in Fairfax, VA. Lots of wacky people like me in crazy hats and wearing the green and drinking beer and sharing a wonderful universal consciousness. Even if they didn't play my favorite - TRUCKIN' ! Below they are playing it when we were all young and beautiful... (And here's a smoother YouTube album version.) And the song they signed off with? LIBERTY, here at YouTube.

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