Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, U.S. irradiating subject peoples

Above is the Fukushim I nuclear power plant before it exploded March 12, 2011, after an earthquake and Tsunami. We "anti-nuke" activists hate to say "I told you so." Build a nuclear power plant near an earthquake fault and right on an ocean prone to tsunami, and one of these days one or both is going to cause a terrible accident. Of course, there already have been a number of "meltdowns" without help from Mad Mother Nature. Below is one of the explosions at the plant; not necessarily a meltdown.

Nuclear power, of course, probably would not exist without massive government intervention: funding research, providing funding for construction of private and public power plants, forcing plants on unwilling populaces and, of course, forcing these populations to bear the full brent of accidents by limiting the financial liability of the private or government entities should there be an accident killing people and destroying their homes, livelihoods and businesses. (In this country it's called the Price Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act.)

And then this morning what floats into my email box? A brand new term: "Backscatter Van." Turns out the government has dozens of vans roaming around scanning civilians and their autos looking for weapons - or cute teenage girls now rendered naked, depending on their whims.

Of course, all those government employees going to work in downtown Washington are probably at highest risk of getting cancer from these vans as they get irradiated day after day, year after year.

The "long train of abuses and usurpations" mentioned in the U.S. Declaration of Independence seems to double every year!

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