Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Female Whistle Blower - Will she let the boys first strike Russia & China?

Just watched Crazy Old Coot McCain introduce his vice-presidential pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. And happily heard her rant and rave like your typical, "the hell with you male's" assertive female. Then read online news stories about how she told the Republican male establishment to shove it in Alaska.

So I wonder what she's going to think when she finds out that McCain's boys are planning to build lots of ABMs around Russia and China so the U.S. can first strike them, denying them the ability to destroy more than 20 or 30 U.S. cities. (And their inhabitants are all liberals, minorities, and traitors, so what they hey?)

Assuming, of course, she's not a crazy Christian Zionist who wants to help Armageddon happen!

I wonder if she knows the Russians already have targeted her home town and at least three more Alaskan cities and tripled the number of warheads heading in their direction. Just so she takes nuclear war personally.

The problem for the Bush/Cheney/McCain/neoconservative cabal is that all but the most male-identified women, when it comes to killing millions of other women's childrens for no other reason than to boost a lot of male egos, will think twice - thrice - and then start shooting their mouths off. They might as well have put me on the ticket!

I could see McCain whince at a few of the "I screwed the Republican establishment" boasts she made. Guess he didn't hear about that in his briefings about her.

As for the former brother-in-law Palin doubtless tried to get fired - wonder if he was a wife beater or just an ass. Either way, once McCain and crew figure out what a firebrand they've put on the ticket, they'll find an excuse to get rid of her. If McCain wins, a week after the election. Expect Joe Lieberman to be put on the ticket. McCain needs someone close to give him his marching orders.

In fact, let me hopefully be the first to say it: Sarah Pallin is Joe Lieberman's Trojan Horse, with a very convenient Achille's Heel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fighting for Freedom - Gaza and Denver

While an international group of peace and Palestinian rights activists ran an Israeli blockade of Gaza in ships named "Free Gaza" and "Liberty" (in honor of the USS Liberty attacked by Israel in 1967), the Council for the National Interest, formed by former U.S. congressional representatives fed up with the Israel Lobby, ran an add protesting misuse of U.S. taxpayers' money in the Denver Post. But you won't hear any such radical freedom talk from the "Libertarian" candidate Bob Barr. Read an amusing take on the meltdown in the Barr campaign by Libertarian Party founder David Nolan. Take that, Shane Cory, and any and all republican infiltrators and apparatchiks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Water Painting and Human Extinction

My roommate kept bugging me to watch the video below, an amazing Japanese fountain that creates "paintings" and written messages in water using hundreds of nozzles. Quite hypnotic.

My first thought, just one more thing that the human drive to exterminate itself before its natural time will render forgotten. Besides my general "sky is falling" "nukes or asteroids are coming" attitude as displayed frequently here, other recent information inputs have put this thought to mind:

* Pundits boasting we have enough oil and coal for the next 300 years! (And what are people supposed to do after that for things oil and coal are the best source of?) We better have Star Trek replicator technology by then that can produce anything from garbage, dirt and water.

* Reading for the first time about the Doomsday argument which wikipedia describes as "a probabilistic argument that claims to predict the future lifetime of the human race given only an estimate of the total number of humans born so far." The article says the prediction is "humanity will disappear within 9120 years." The science magazine article I read describing one version of the theory said we might last another few hundred thousand.

* John McCain. John McCain. John McCain. (Do the neocons think they can control THAT nut?) If you want to enjoy the terrors and delights (legal marijuana!) of post-nuclear war survival, elect John!

* "Jeremiah" sci-fi television series about a male-made virus that kills off everyone over the age of 13ish, destroying most knowledge of modern technology. (As usual the nuclear power plants don't melt down!)

* Experiencing global cooling. Am I the only one who noticed how cool this summer has been? Has enough ice melted to cool the seas and reverse the process - too much? The BBC says it is just La Nina.

* Watching danged History Channel. Gotta stop watching the Mega Disasters series, including the same shows over and over again. Massive volcanic eruptions from Yellowstone Park caldera cover the continent in 20-50 feet of ash. Blocks out the sun for decades.

* Watching that History Channel show alleging all that carbon dioxide we're producing, even if it is not the main cause of global warming, can turn the seas so acid most of the life will die...and so will most of us.

* Reading about Svalbard Global Seed Vault meant to save humanity's plant heritage in case of catastrophe being stuck in Greenland. Geez, who the heck can get there, especially if it's covered with glaciers? Why not 10 or 15 more limited seed banks on each continent?

* Reading about some "cosmological models in which the universe follows infinite, self-sustaining cycles," collapsing and exploding over and over again, according to wikipedia. (Which is getting fussy about being attributed. See it's latest and to me slightly dubious charge of plagarism vs. McCain - and you know I'm not defending McCain per se!!)

* If I missed anything that's been on my mind lately, I'll add it.

Meanwhile think about how we can improve the human race (read end the rule of patriarchy, violent states and low consciousness/lower chakra motivation) so we can survive on the planet long enough to get off it and travel to a planet that will survive. I want all my blog posts immortalized til at least the next time the universe collapses and explodes again, and that's the only way it will happen.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Russia's Threat to Nuke Poland

I heard news anchors on CNN say at least four times over the last week "Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Poland!" (Because it is allowing the U.S. to put anti-ballistic missiles -ABMs- there).

My two reactions were: "Why isn't this a national emergency?" And "Gee, could it be they are misrepresenting what Russian leaders really said?" Which probably was something like, "in the event we think we are under attack, we will of course destroy the ABMs in Poland."

The results of my research on who said what is that Russian generals and politicians either are not being accurately quoted or they need to be more specific. But maybe being vague is part of the threat.

On August 15th, the Associated Press, quoting the Russian Interfax news agency, wrote that deputy chief of staff Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn said: "Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself to a strike — 100 percent." And he added that Russia's military doctrine approves the use of nuclear weapons "against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them"-including those hosting ABMs. The government news outlet RussiaToday said only "The Colonel General said that if Poland allows part of the U.S. missile defence shield on its territory, it will expose itself to a strike."

According to the Washington Times the Russian Defense Ministry later "renewed threats" because it believed the missile system would not have "any target other than Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles," and that the system would be "broadened and modernized." (In other words you start with 10 missiles aimed at Russia and end up with 1000.) "In this case Russia will be forced to react, and not only through diplomatic" channels. The ministry web page didn't provide the full statement that I could find. It also stated it would "freeze all military cooperation with NATO and allied countries."

Yeah, the Russian bear is miffed. As Pat Buchanan wrote in BlowBack From Bear-Baiting:

"How would we have reacted if Moscow had brought Western Europe into the Warsaw Pact, established bases in Mexico and Panama, put missile defense radars and rockets in Cuba, and joined with China to build pipelines to transfer Mexican and Venezuelan oil to Pacific ports for shipment to Asia? And cut us out? If there were Russian and Chinese advisers training Latin American armies, the way we are in the former Soviet republics, how would we react? Would we look with bemusement on such Russian behavior?"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of Feminist Whistleblowing

Today I chanced upon an article called "Street Fighting Feminist" about controversial feminist Andrea Dworkin, famous for pronouncing that all heterosexual sex is rape of the female and promoting the outlawing of pornography. (I'm sure she approved of the device at left invented by African women to punish rapists while they were in the act.)

Considering that I wrote the e-book "The Return of Street Fighting Man" putting down the patriarchal drives behind macho street fighting, I found the title ironic.

Anyway, Dworkin's views and rants always made me feel safely mainstream! Like this one and this one.

I met a feisty Dworkin in the early 1970s when I ran with radical feminists in New York. I met her again 33 years later, in a failing state, shortly before her early death from the same things that will probably kill me, obesity-related arthritis and infectious heart disease. (Over-eating is the female version of alcoholism. Though having an over-eating roommate who keeps buying you goodies and encouraging you to eat them doesn't help. But let's not get into the "let's keep her fat so she won't leave me" theory.)

The wikipedia article included a great quote from Dworkin about how she'd like to be remembered. "In a museum, when male supremacy is dead. I'd like my work to be an anthropological artifact from an extinct, primitive society." I myself would go further. With my name as one of thousands of feminist decentralist secessionists inscribed on the phallic symbol of the American empire - the Washington Monument - after it becomes part of the museum of patriarchal statism.

Anyway, perhaps reading about Dworkin spurred me a few hours later to send an email to a friend responding to a list notice where I mocked some extremely perverted and patriarchal males, one by name. Except... OOPS! ... The email copy didn't take and I sent it back to the originating list. I got in big trouble a year ago for critizing these guys publicly for their disrespectful treatment of women and their questionable comments about children. So I guess I'm in trouble again.

Coincidentally, an hour after that I ran into a quote from Phyllis Chesler that initially made me feel better:

The female whistle-blowers constitute a psychological challenge for many women. They defy the unspoken rules of female behavior. Whistle-blowers are neither conformists nor passive. They do not aim to please or appease those whose criminal misdeeds they expose. Female whistle-blowers are not ”indirectly aggressive.” Hirsi Ali is not slandering or shunning other women—the approved outlet for female aggression and competition. She is directly and publicly challenging corrupt male authority on behalf of women. Less courageous women, including feminists, may not identify with or feel compassion for her. In addition, women often find it hard to support a woman who enjoys more public attention than they themselves do.

But then I read the whole article for context and was reminded that Chesler was a radical feminist who has become an apologist for the empire. She uses Muslim males' patriarchal bad behavior to excuse Judeo-Christian males' patriarchal bad behavior. More neocon propaganda (after all it was published in the National Review). And then I went deeper into feminist analysis and realized Chesler only was blaming women for getting down on whistleblowing women. I've always had far more trouble with men. Phyllis, your female subservience is showing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tskhinvali, Gori and "The Day After"

Last night I watched a tape of Mikhael Gorbachev (being eminently reasonable) on Larry King - but only during advertisements inserted in the 1982 nuclear war movie "The Day After." About eighth time I've seen the movie. (See the video about how the Russians almost nuked us on 1/25/95 and other scary nuke war videos at

Today I realized another reason this evidently was a John McCain/Randy Scheunemann/Neocon inspired war (i.e. Georgians encouraged to provoke Russia to over-react back), not one promoted by George Bush. August is Bush's vacation! He has no intention of starting any crisis during August.

I also got a hold of May and July overviews of the South Ossetia city of Tskhinvali, attacked by the Georgians on August 7th and the town of Gori attacked by the Russia a few days later. Let's revisit these photos when the new post-bombing versions show up. Of course, since they're only about 40 miles apart, a 10 megaton Russian nuke could take them both out at once. And if McCain and his cronies keep pushing for Georgia to site short range nuclear weapons targeted on Russia -- or anti-ballistic missiles, which is just about as bad -- it may yet happen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Old Coot McCain Encouraged Georgia to Attack S. Ossetia??

Listening to Keith Olberman rant about the fact that McCain's foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann had been a lobbyist for the government of Georgia. He's even brought McCain over there to hob nob with Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili.

The wheels started turning. I looked up
Scheunemann's wikipedia article and low and behold he's a leading neoconservative war monger!

The Washing Post and Wall Street Journal detail some of the unsavory details. But spells out what I was thinking - and Obama aides had inferred - McCain
encouraged Georgia to bomb the heck out of S. Ossetia in order to provoke the Russians to retaliate and make the crazy old coot look presidential.

The Politico article says in part:
McCain, who publicly confronted Putin in Munich last year, may be the most visible — and now potentially influential — American antagonist of Russia. What remains to be seen is whether the endgame to the Georgia crisis makes McCain seem prophetic or headstrong and whether his muscular rhetoric plays a role in defining for voters the kind of commander in chief he would be....To critics, McCain’s stance is grandstanding with little effect beyond riling a nuclear power. ...McCain has led the harsh denunciations of Russia’s invasion of Georgia, though neither he nor any other leader has suggested that the West has any real way to blunt Moscow’s ultimate intentions. He’s also faced the accusation that his encouragement of Georgia’s dramatic defiance of Russia helped trigger the crisis. (A McCain aide dismissed that notion, saying Russia’s provocations forced Georgia’s response.)
Update - More articles about McCain's role:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama - and Russia - Looters!!

Found this old photo comparing how news stories cover photos of black "looters" versus white "finders" - both of whom entered empty grocery stores to take food after Hurricane Katrina.

The first thing that came to mind was yet another story that Hillary Clinton might try to steal the nomination away from Barak Obama - she probably feels deep in her heart he's a "looter" - not a finder, or goddess forbid, a real competitor!

The second thing that came to mind was how Clinton (and Bush) defended the U.S. bombing the hell out of Serbia in 1999 to protect allegedly violent secessionists in Kosovo. But when Russia does the same thing, bombing inside Georgia to protect allegedly violent secessionists in South Ossetia in 2008 - woah! It's looting! Aggression! Disproportionate Response!!! (Which of course it is, but no more than the U.S. bombing Serbia!)

See more of my comments on this conflict at my VermontCommons Secede & Survive blog. And, as usual, Justin Raimondo gets it right in his article The Real Aggressor.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

China as Borg: Resistance is Futile?

The opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing really was SPECTACULAR! I haven't been able to find full video and YouTube rumor has it it is being censored, probably so somebody can make lots of bucks on the DVD. But here are some good links. Also see, as long as they last on YouTube, this video and this slide show.

Plus a rant about the wonders of the Chinese people and coming back Chinese in my next life.

One thing I wondered for the first time, as I screamed at NBC for inserting advertisements in the middle of the spectacular show, was why these advertisements - in fact most of them - aren't just run on the bottom 10-15% of the screen, like the do on cable news shows. (Leaving enough regular advertising to allow for bathroom, and snack and walk the dog breaks, of course.)

As for my rant, while my lower primal brain may feel fear of "the other" - the Chinese Borg who will take over the planet - my higher brain that believes that reincarnation renders bigotry irrelevant can only express amazement at the immense leap forward of the Chinese people over the last 30 years, including as expressed in the opening of the Olympics. Dang, it was great! - even without a few hits of marijuana which our ALSO oppressive government makes illegal for recreational use.

Ex-druggie George Bush was the first American president to attend an Olympics in another country. Damn straight! China could destroy the dollar and the U.S. economy tomorrow if it wanted, considering how much U.S. currency and bonds it could dump on the market if it chose. Sure it would lose maybe 10% of its own networth, but it's worth it to keep the U.S. on an increasingly short leash - or is it to keep the U.S. frog in the pot where it's slowing boiling to death. (Don't get me started on paying off the debts by giving China all the unoccupied parts of Alaska. Just think, those 1.3 billion Chinese are squeezed into a country half the size of the U.S. and half of that is uninhabitable. Note: all statistics approximate.) To end:
China, please stop funding U.S. Imperialism!

There were a couple of feeble American assertions of Imperial Power. When the Iraqi team entered and everyone cheered, Bush smirked, thinking they were cheering him for invading Iraq and killing Saddam Hussein.

No, Idiot! They were cheering because Iraq's government was recognized as one free of U.S. control and its team allowed to compete. You know the Iraq government, George, the one that wants the U.S. totally out as soon as it can manage it!

I'm sure George smirked too to see a Darfur refugee leading the U.S. delegation - big dildo up the Chinese butt, eh, George? After all George supports Darfur secession in order to grab Darfur oil away from the Chinese which have oil contracts with the government of Sudan. Bush backed Kosovo's secession, too, so the U.S. can keep that big U.S. military base there.

But South Ossetia leaving Georgia and reuniting with North Ossetia!?!? Never!! Bush gave Putin a good spanking about that. How dare those Russians think they can invade countries to protect their seceding nationals from violent unionists? Do they think they are Clinton bombing the hell out of Serbia to protect Kosovar rebels in 1999? Do they want a nuclear war??

Bush probably forgot about how Russian leaders threatened nuclear war if the U.S. invaded Serbia in 1999. But you can bet lots of Chinese did not forget how the U.S. "accidentally" bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during its bombing of Serbia.

Of course, the neoconservatives under "gook" hater McCain may use the U.S.'s "nuclear primacy" and initiate a first strike to take our China's military and political centers before it becomes too much of a threat. After all, their 400 odd 5 to 20 megaton nukes could hardly "knock us" - as one Republican staffer once told me.

Bush also is being hypocritical criticizing China's human rights record and not just because the U.S. has a higher proportion of its population in the prison system than China. Not just because the U.S. had more prisoners than China (which has four times the U.S. population). Not just because the U.S. has a quarter of the world's prisoners. Not just because the way the U.S. deals with the "threat" of black males becoming a social and political force through harsh repressive measures, but because George Bush himself has instituted every sort of law and regulation allowing him to control dissidents just as much or even more than China does. He just hasn't gotten around to fully using that power yet. Though he is practicing on Arabs and Muslims. Ask Dr. Sami Al-Arian who is still in prison despite a promise he'd be set free a year ago if he made a plea bargain and despite a judge's order he be freed!

Speaking of secession, when I saw those children representing the 56 nationalities of China I said, whoop de doo - radical decentralism here we come.

I remember in the 1970s and 1980s when billion person China was communist and poor, I worried they'd become greedy capitalist consumers and all want an automobile (which I don't own) and air-conditioning (which I just got). The stress on the environment, the competition for resources - not to mention all the American trees that already were being cut down for Chinese chopsticks.

Of course, I didn't grouse about China's growth coming through exporting cheap consumer items to the United States. I remember the 1970s and early 1980s when I couldn't afford an American table fan in the summer because it was the equivalent of $150 in today's money. Today you can get a great fan, made in China, for $15 to $30.

As the 2008 fireworks shortage demonstrated, the cost of Chinese labor is going up - and the willingness to work in the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs is going down - so China's largess to America via cheap wages will continue to decrease, even as the weaker dollar makes goods more expensive. Might as well produce them at home with more expensive (and heavily taxed and regulated) American resources and labor. So Americans will have to start facing the fact that our housing and energy and transport and medical and insurance and other important systems are over priced through special interest government regulations and subsidies or we won't be able to afford those American $150 table fans, or much else.

The Chinese - like Koreans and Japanese and many Asian cultures - are a very industrious people with strong family ties who put great stock in education and technology. Some of the biggest best selling books in China the last few years have been ones that study "Jewish" family and business practices so that Chinese can emulate what they consider a very amazing people. Of course, their very success also has made them hated in some quarters, as when Malaysia kicked Chinese-majority Singapore out of its nation in the 1960s because Chinese were dominating all of Malaysian culture. Singapore remains one of the most prosperous countries on the planet.

Anyway, to sum up, the theme of the Olympics was openness. The reiteration that the Chinese Borg will not remain contained in their tiny Borg alcoves any longer. They are out to spread their knowledge and influence around the globe, as they already are doing successfully by building partnerships in Africa, South America and elsewhere. See the huge Berlin Chinese Embassy below, and the entrance to the equally huge new one in Washington DC. (It dwarfs the Israeli Embassy across the street, as I reported a couple years back. I'll have to go take a photo and blog it soon.)
China does remain just another patriarchy, of course. With the special problem of 30 to 40 million surplus males (guang gun-er, or "bare branches") from the one child policy's "abort the girls" effect. China is looking at revolution of frustrated young males in the future, hopefully one towards even greater liberty. Or elderly and corrupt Chinese leaders may just start a ground war with India which also has a surplus male problem and both countries can relieve their burden through bloody hand-to-hand combat.

Eventually, if they're smart, China will be able to re-settle a few hundred million Chinese in areas were the carrying capacity isn't quite so challenged as it is in China today. And where there are lots of young women looking for good providers.

As a libertarian, I always say, if a 100 million Chinese want to move to this country, let them in! Of course, I might include the proviso, no Communist Party members or their children. We have too much of a Demopublican caste system in this country already, we don't need a Communist Party caste!

And then after they build their own dozens of Singapores in the mountains and on the prairies, and all over unihabited Alaska, they can secede and join the confederated communities of America... but that's another blog entry for another time.

To end, I hope to be surprised as to who I reincarnate as next. It probably will be male. However, I sure hope it isn't as a surplus Chinese - or any other surplus frustrated testerone-ensoddened male. Quick, stop aborting those females! Oh, well, there's always bisexuality.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Dog Killers w/o Warrants - Waco deja vu

It took a Prince Georges Country police attack on a local mayor's home, killing his two gorgeous black Labrador dogs, to bring attention to the fact that police continue to bust into people's homes, kill their animals (even kill them, as they did a 92 year old woman last year) and not even bother to show a warrant!

That's right. Even though the mayor Cheye Calvo repeatedly asked for a warrant, the police didn't bother to show it to him until three days later. (Read: do we believe they even had one to start out!?!)

This story has generated a number of frequently repeated stories on CNN and other channels. In one video Calvo's wife Trinity Tomsi cries as she tells the story. She especially breaks up when she recalls how a neighborhood girl tells her - and I anticipated her words - "I'll never trust the police again."

Of course, who can, after the 1993 incident near Waco, Texas where almost 100 federal agents went in shooting (including blindly from helicopters) at a home filled with 130 people, mostly women, elderly and children. They killed four church members - after shooting their
five dogs, who were fenced in in the yard. Group leader David Koresh claimed ATF shot him at the front door while as he stood unarmed trying to talk to them. (He'd peacefully accepted search warrants in the past.) At the 1995 congressional hearings an ATF agent claimed that ATF DID have a search warrant but it was "all shot up" in the truck! Fifty-one days later, after constantly sabotaging negotiations, the FBI smashed into the home with tanks, causing a fire that killed another 78 Davidians - and destroyed evidence of illegal ATF gunfire contained in the walls of the building.

So the mayor got off lucky. The police didn't kill him and his mother-in-law, who also was at home, and burn down their house to destroy the evidence. They only bound them, threw them to the floor and refused to show him a search warrant.

The charges? Does it matter? Some drug smugglers randomly sent Ms. Tomsi a package and failed to intercept it before it got to her home. ATF thought Koresh might have turned a few of his semi-automatic guns into automatic guns without following federal regulations or paying the federal tax. For a state bent on total control of the populace, that's more than enough excuse to smash into a home, kill dogs and rough up or even kill the inhabitants.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ATROCITY! Hiroshima, Winter Soldier

It's been 63 years since the atrocity of the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, followed by the bombing of Nagasaki on August 9th. The continuing propaganda atrocity is the lie that it was necessary to save hundreds of thousands of American lives which would be lost if the U.S. invaded. The truth, of course, is the Japanese had had enough with the merciless fire bombings of its cities and were eager to surrender. But the U.S. had to show those Soviet Communists what it had in store for them if they didn't stop their advances in Europe and Asia.

Communists ended up taking Eastern Europe and China anyway, of course, leading to tens of millions of atrocities, but we're focusing on our own leaders' atrocities today.

Like the atrocities confessed to in March during the Iraq Veterans Against the War "Winter Soldiers" event where more than 200 U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan confessed to torturing and murdering innocents at will.

Not that you got to read about in the New York Times or see it on mainstream national television. It's just not news when Americans confess to the atrocities of mass murder! Like the heart felt confession of one young former soldier below. (See IVAW youtube videos of this and other protests here.)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ready for any McCain win

Paint the hair white, and we're ready for January 20, 2009... Obama also voted for or publicly supports too many of Bush's unconstitutional initiatives. But at least we can maintain the delusion he's just playing typical lying politics - until Obama gets elected and proves that he thinks that he deserves the Monarchical powers bestowed upon or allowed to accrue to the Fuhr...I mean a special interest-controlled U.S. congress. My usual reminder:

Check out Secession.Net
and my "Secede & Survive" blog at VermontCommons.