Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Female Whistle Blower - Will she let the boys first strike Russia & China?

Just watched Crazy Old Coot McCain introduce his vice-presidential pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. And happily heard her rant and rave like your typical, "the hell with you male's" assertive female. Then read online news stories about how she told the Republican male establishment to shove it in Alaska.

So I wonder what she's going to think when she finds out that McCain's boys are planning to build lots of ABMs around Russia and China so the U.S. can first strike them, denying them the ability to destroy more than 20 or 30 U.S. cities. (And their inhabitants are all liberals, minorities, and traitors, so what they hey?)

Assuming, of course, she's not a crazy Christian Zionist who wants to help Armageddon happen!

I wonder if she knows the Russians already have targeted her home town and at least three more Alaskan cities and tripled the number of warheads heading in their direction. Just so she takes nuclear war personally.

The problem for the Bush/Cheney/McCain/neoconservative cabal is that all but the most male-identified women, when it comes to killing millions of other women's childrens for no other reason than to boost a lot of male egos, will think twice - thrice - and then start shooting their mouths off. They might as well have put me on the ticket!

I could see McCain whince at a few of the "I screwed the Republican establishment" boasts she made. Guess he didn't hear about that in his briefings about her.

As for the former brother-in-law Palin doubtless tried to get fired - wonder if he was a wife beater or just an ass. Either way, once McCain and crew figure out what a firebrand they've put on the ticket, they'll find an excuse to get rid of her. If McCain wins, a week after the election. Expect Joe Lieberman to be put on the ticket. McCain needs someone close to give him his marching orders.

In fact, let me hopefully be the first to say it: Sarah Pallin is Joe Lieberman's Trojan Horse, with a very convenient Achille's Heel.

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