Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's Secession Videos

Leave it to crazy old coot McCain to stumble (read, poor vetting) into choosing as his vice-president some one so controversial he'll probably have to dump her before the election. (The National Enquirer promises to expose her affair with her husband's business partner next week - that's the same publication Republicans applauded for exposing John Edward's affair just last month.)

But the "funnest" laugh out loud part for us secessionists, is all the speculation over just how much of a secessionist Ms. Palin really is!

The L.A. Times reported on September 3rd: she was not a member but she has cheered the work of AIP...according to its website, "its primary goal is merely a vote on secession."... "Keep up the good work," Sarah Palin told members of the Alaskan Independence Party in a videotaped speech to their convention six months ago in Fairbanks. She wished the party luck on what she called its "inspiring convention."... her husband, Todd, was a member of the party for seven years...McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said Palin did not support secession...He sidestepped the question of whether she favored a statewide vote on secession. The Times' Rosa Brook had a very funny discussion of "Palin's Secession Flirtation" the next day.

The first video below is Governor Palin's message to the latest Alaskan Independence Party convention. The second comes from Youtube user Defederalization's collection of videos from the 2007 Second North American Secessionist Convention. In it, at six minutes, the Alaska party's chair Dexter Clark mentions Palin, saying she was an "AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town -- that was a nonpartisan job. But you get along to go along. She eventually joined the Republican Party, where she had all kinds of problems with their ethics." His second amusing video from Clark is here.

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