Friday, August 15, 2008

Tskhinvali, Gori and "The Day After"

Last night I watched a tape of Mikhael Gorbachev (being eminently reasonable) on Larry King - but only during advertisements inserted in the 1982 nuclear war movie "The Day After." About eighth time I've seen the movie. (See the video about how the Russians almost nuked us on 1/25/95 and other scary nuke war videos at

Today I realized another reason this evidently was a John McCain/Randy Scheunemann/Neocon inspired war (i.e. Georgians encouraged to provoke Russia to over-react back), not one promoted by George Bush. August is Bush's vacation! He has no intention of starting any crisis during August.

I also got a hold of May and July overviews of the South Ossetia city of Tskhinvali, attacked by the Georgians on August 7th and the town of Gori attacked by the Russia a few days later. Let's revisit these photos when the new post-bombing versions show up. Of course, since they're only about 40 miles apart, a 10 megaton Russian nuke could take them both out at once. And if McCain and his cronies keep pushing for Georgia to site short range nuclear weapons targeted on Russia -- or anti-ballistic missiles, which is just about as bad -- it may yet happen.

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