Friday, August 22, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of Feminist Whistleblowing

Today I chanced upon an article called "Street Fighting Feminist" about controversial feminist Andrea Dworkin, famous for pronouncing that all heterosexual sex is rape of the female and promoting the outlawing of pornography. (I'm sure she approved of the device at left invented by African women to punish rapists while they were in the act.)

Considering that I wrote the e-book "The Return of Street Fighting Man" putting down the patriarchal drives behind macho street fighting, I found the title ironic.

Anyway, Dworkin's views and rants always made me feel safely mainstream! Like this one and this one.

I met a feisty Dworkin in the early 1970s when I ran with radical feminists in New York. I met her again 33 years later, in a failing state, shortly before her early death from the same things that will probably kill me, obesity-related arthritis and infectious heart disease. (Over-eating is the female version of alcoholism. Though having an over-eating roommate who keeps buying you goodies and encouraging you to eat them doesn't help. But let's not get into the "let's keep her fat so she won't leave me" theory.)

The wikipedia article included a great quote from Dworkin about how she'd like to be remembered. "In a museum, when male supremacy is dead. I'd like my work to be an anthropological artifact from an extinct, primitive society." I myself would go further. With my name as one of thousands of feminist decentralist secessionists inscribed on the phallic symbol of the American empire - the Washington Monument - after it becomes part of the museum of patriarchal statism.

Anyway, perhaps reading about Dworkin spurred me a few hours later to send an email to a friend responding to a list notice where I mocked some extremely perverted and patriarchal males, one by name. Except... OOPS! ... The email copy didn't take and I sent it back to the originating list. I got in big trouble a year ago for critizing these guys publicly for their disrespectful treatment of women and their questionable comments about children. So I guess I'm in trouble again.

Coincidentally, an hour after that I ran into a quote from Phyllis Chesler that initially made me feel better:

The female whistle-blowers constitute a psychological challenge for many women. They defy the unspoken rules of female behavior. Whistle-blowers are neither conformists nor passive. They do not aim to please or appease those whose criminal misdeeds they expose. Female whistle-blowers are not ”indirectly aggressive.” Hirsi Ali is not slandering or shunning other women—the approved outlet for female aggression and competition. She is directly and publicly challenging corrupt male authority on behalf of women. Less courageous women, including feminists, may not identify with or feel compassion for her. In addition, women often find it hard to support a woman who enjoys more public attention than they themselves do.

But then I read the whole article for context and was reminded that Chesler was a radical feminist who has become an apologist for the empire. She uses Muslim males' patriarchal bad behavior to excuse Judeo-Christian males' patriarchal bad behavior. More neocon propaganda (after all it was published in the National Review). And then I went deeper into feminist analysis and realized Chesler only was blaming women for getting down on whistleblowing women. I've always had far more trouble with men. Phyllis, your female subservience is showing.

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