Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Rising of the Moon" - worldwide...

It's never too late for a woman of 50+ percent Irish descent to catch up on her Irish history (or be reminded of what she's forgotten). Several Turner Classic movies on "Irish Day" (as I call it, having abandoned the Pope 51 years ago) reminded me of the fight against British oppression in Ireland. My grand-mothers on both sides being pure Irish, I certainly got a feeling for rebellion, and a negative opinion of the British in Ireland. It wasn't til my twenties I read deeply of the subject, factoids mostly forgotten in my sixties. (Wikipedia does have it's uses as a review. Of course, some biographies are lyrical poems to the fallen rebels. But what the hey...) I won't dwell on the fact that most of them were violent patriarchs, of course. Or that an updated version of the song below really must get rid of those pikes... Plus one of my own rebellious songs below it. Haven't quite written the theme song for nonviolent radical decentralist libertarian secessionists worldwide - or have I?

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