Saturday, August 23, 2014

Enough, already, you can keep the old, ugly Doctor Who

Like a lot of people I said, "Oh, no, they're going to replace fun cute Matt Smith "Dr Who" with some ugly old guy.  It'll never watch. I'll never watch it. boo hoo hoo."

I think it was about the 8th time someone in the first Capaldi episode brought up how disgusting it was he was old and ugly, emphasizing much breast beating by various characters,I said, "Ok, you win, let him be old and ugly. Just don't talk about it any more!" Just in case they needed to reach the hard cases (those who really are young and pretty), they bemoaned the Horrible Fact another 6 or 7 times.   Is that called reverse psychology?  Or just psychology. 

And if we keep talking about getting rid of patriarchy and violence and war will they get fed up and say, "OK, let there be equality and freedom and peace and love" and cut out all their BS?  Time hopefully will tell...
Update 9/16/14: After three shows I can honestly say I LOVE THE NEW DR. WHO.  After all he IS 10 years younger than me, about the age I like them. And Peter Capadi is cute and funny like Roberto Benigni of "It's a beautiful life" fame.  Plus he's Scottish, and hopefully those brave souls will be freeing themselves from the English yoke this week in their September 2014 referendum.

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