Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Viet Vets in Charge: Kerry for War on Syria, Hagel Against...

Unbelievable. According to antiwar.com, ex-Vietnam Vet John Kerry, who threw away his medals, wants US troops to fight and die (both Assad's government troops and inevitably all those Al-Queda rebels running and bombing about).  Viet Vet Chuck Hagel says, woa, not too fast now.  Would be interesting and said if it was a couple old homeless vets debating under and underpass.

But SCARY because it's the Secretary of State for war and the Secretary of Defense against it.  (Would it be worse the other way around?)

There go a few thousand more American lives, a couple trillion more dollars - and probably another 20-30,000 dead Arab/Muslims - down the drain. And more blow back like the absurd and disgusting bombing of the Boston Marathon. And the civil liberties implications as Republicans try to figure out the best and quickest way to deprive an American citizen of his rights to due process so they can prepare the way of the next American dictator to kill American dissidents on sight.

Oh, and did I just notice that the US is giving Israel refueling planes so they can bomb the hell out of Iran and get home to dinner safely and on time?  Another 10 trillion dollars, and 10,000 American and 1 million Iran lives down the drain.

No wonder I drown myself in WikiHoHas and springtime yard work in order to avoid confronting the madness.  Dang, what did I say last week about getting my head out of the sand and making the revolution? Maybe I need to make a bunch of signs saying that and tape them all over the house and the lawn mower and the grass seed bag and the hedge trimmers.

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