Monday, November 12, 2012

Less stressful Fuhrer wins....

I wrote most of this the day after the election but fricken Blogspot refused to properly format it.  Too much traffic? Trying again since it's already written. Hope I don't have to move to WordPress!!

See my last blog entry for the "Don't be brainwashed by necons - Don't bomb Iran!" poster I'd have been down at Romney headquarters displaying if Romney had been elected. Yes, Obama getting elected let's me enjoy my dog-centered life and procrastinate a bit longer about making the revolution, sitting pretty with my part-time job and my social security check - til Obama crashes the economy. I figure that gives me about six to twelve months. As opposed to Romney bombing Iran March 1st.

Actually, I didn't vote. Maybe someday, somewhere else if I think it matters.... I've turned into one of those libertarians who hate government-dominated politics so much they refuse to participate, except to lambast statists of all parties, including alleged libertarians.   (A week later, I actually am going to delete my rant about what a bigoted self-involved ass the local DC libertarian candidate is, though if he pushes me I'll put up a web page complete with photos and quotes. Just a little whistleblowing...)
So let's hope Rand stays radical on noninterventionism...
(See this article.)

And that the next DC Referendum on Pot will be for total legalization. Yeah, Washington and Colorado!

Two good videos below. Don't bomb Iran and a great way to vote....

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