Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When a buddy goes to the other side...

All of us 60 somethings have seen friends - and "foes" - go to the other side, especially over the last few years. I made an In Memoriam page for my buddy libertarian peacenik and draft and tax resister Bruce Baechler when in 2000, at the age of 45, he had a heart attack after an auto accident. See it here with lots of photos and his full (rather small) website as of the time of his death. Above, Bruce and Carol in Waco in September 1993 visiting the surviving Branch Davidians at the hotel where they were living at the time.

Bruce was known as an intrepid ballot access organizer and petitioner for the Libertarian Party - and a workshipper of the Goddess Maryjane. Now another buddy from that same crew, who lived out another 25 plus years, also has passed on.

John Robertson was a HOOT! He always told me I was one, so what greater compliment!
Independent Political Report has an obituary if you want more details. Here's a photo of John with Marijuana legend Jack Herer.

Here's John with his beloved dog Goldie whose grave he was buried next to. Probably collecting signatures for Nancy Lord for D.C. Mayor in 1990.

And here's John and Carol at the 1993 Libertarian Convention in Salt Lake City.
See you 75 years down the road in some future revolution, Bruce and John! (I'll probably be a guy and you'll be gals, so watch out for my lothario ways!)

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