Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Chomosomal Damage...This is what Apocalypse looks like

A few weeks ago I startled myself awake with the words CHROMOSOMAL DAMAGE... I wrote it down, plus "leading to human extinction" and went back to sleep. But I've certainly thought about it the last few weeks and all the pollutants we are throwing into the air and water, destroying chromosomes and genes until those few babies born will be so deformed they cannot survive and the human race dies out.

Then someone sent me that wild and crazy guy Max Keiser's article: Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready … For A Mass Extinction Event? and then I knew what I'd really been dreaming about.  Our worst nightmare from the old nuclear power nightmare days thirty years ago.  But it didn't blow up spectacularly or meltdown to the center of the earth. (At least not yet.) It just keeps up a steady stream of deadly radiation, pumped out in the air and oceans of the world day after day. (Yup, they use ocean water to cool the radioactive nuclear rod containers and much of it ends up back in the ocean.)

According to Max, depending on the fuel, one broken fuel rod leaked into the environment could over time kill almost 3 billion people - and there are 1,500 of these lying about the most damaged Fukushima reactor which easily could fall down upon them in even a small earthquake.   So if each one only kills 10 million people (x 1500 equals 15 billion) -- that's human extinction right there.

We're from the government and we are here to protect you...not from the nuclear dangers we the government created, but from the terrorist plots we the government created with our incredibly skilled undercover agent provocateurs encouraging citizen with fantasies (or wing nuts with wild dreams) to push the button on the fake bombs we the government created and lured them into using....

The Human  Epitaph will read: STUPIDITY is what killed them! Assuming the last survivor can read and write and have enough energy to write it on something semi-permanent before they fall face down in the mud...

This youtube video from the Max Keiser page is particularly fascinating since it shows the slow moving Apocalypse a month later. A couple of intrepid reporters from an alternative news service start recording in the evacuation zone, 30 km from the Fukishima plant - with their Geiger counters clicking away on the dashboard, registering in the single digits. As they approach Fukushima they see emptied towns and a friendly pack of liberated dogs at 21 km. (Surviving dog probably would eat you alive today if you got out of the car.)  They get closer and closer, through herds of aimless cows, through earthquake and tsunami damage, stopping to inspect a tsunami-wrecked truck for any dead driver. Finally 1.5 km from the plant, climbing a hill to get a view, their Geiger counters - which have been beeping away unmercifully - register 109.  We know that's bad.


CNN story a year later here shows damage at the plant and mentions 4000 workers are starting a 30 to 40 year cleanup process - where they are allowed to get close enough to highly radioactive debris, that is.  I want to see what those dogs' puppies look like.

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