Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Mass spamming lists are so yesterday..." And Stalin is so today?

SAY IT AIN'T SO: Karen De Coster on today: Mass spamming lists are so yesterday, because if folks really have something valuable to say, they will attract voluntary readership via publishing articles, blogging, using Twitter, or even posting on Facebook. Since I field about 150 emails per day at my job, and then I come home to another 200+ private emails (sometimes many more), it just isn't physically possible to respond to all of them, let alone sift through the spam.

How did I find this quote? Listening to the video Social Media and the Evolution of Consciousness trying to understand the confusing new world of political organizing using Twitter and Facebook. So I said, let's open twitter (which I rarely read) and found that article on one of the few Twitterers I'm subscribed to. Its title gave no inkling that that topic of the moment would be the content. Wow, talk about circular something or other!

Like I wrote on the youtube page of the social media video:
"I'd still rather just get email and filter all the assholes into my trash without reading..."

Not to mention sometimes things float into your box that surprise and teach you something. I used to read the newspaper everyday for those two or three factoids floating in from the universe which would help evolve my knowledge of the world. (Back in the day when I also read a couple books a month.) But email, twitter, facebook, youtube and all the other sources of info just lead to shattered brain syndrome.
(And don't get me started on Wikipedia.)

Not to mention they seem to help shred and splinter activist groups, leading to fewer people in a local area knowing who is doing what. (And then you have the fake Facebook groups with the similar names misleading people!!)

As I explained today to four different local "Occupy DC" groups. Each has their own web page and Facebook groups of a thousand odd people who liked them once. They have some personal interconnections. But they do not have a common email list to reach out to all those who want to hear the various opinions and alternative events without having to keep track of a dozen websites or Facebook pages; and it seems like they don't even bother to send many emails to those who ask to be on their email lists. Get a listserve, you guys, I told them. (I forgot to tell them to get phone numbers for a phone tree after the government shuts down the internet.)

Even if you take a course to figure out how Facebook works, a month later they change half the rules to keep you confused. No, it's just a plot to make money for the owners, and screw service to consumers that impedes that goal. Keep them confused and they'll at least accidentally click on your adverts?

Which brings me back to me original search for "consciousness" on youtube. That's where I found the "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Get ready for Earth changes" video below which had pretty video and music so I watched it all the way through. And of course at the end it had video of earthquakes and tsunamis and dust storms and cosmic events coming our way on or about December 21, 2012. And I thought - hmmm, maybe the big solar flare will wipe out electricity and the internet for a couple years so that those of us who survive can go back to reading books and sitting round the campfire telling stories. Now that sure would be a change in human consciousness!

Continuing to listen to Venessa Miemis talking about social media and the evolution of consciousness, she's talking about internet addiction - oh yeah! And now alternate money and self-organized democracy - alright. Now she just quoted someone who said: "Wouldn't Stalin have just loved Facebook?" Since it tells authorities who are the leaders and information hubs they can arrest to shut things down! (Of course, they also can do that with yahoogroups and private listserves run off domains, but might take a few days longer.) Let me add - use Facebook, but don't let it use you!! Enough tearing my hair out on this subject for one evening.

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