Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 - Great for the State!

The last time I saw the World Trade Center, driving in on the bus to New York City in the 1990s, I thought "those buildings are doomed." I remembered when terrorists tried to blow up one of the towers in 1993 and remembered reading that some terrorists wanted to bring the buildings down. It was just a matter of time.

Above is a photo of what I dreamed on June 30, 2001. A square tower of smoke over the horizon. As I write in my
biography, I was convinced it was a premonition of nuclear war.
Around 5:30 am on June 30, 2001 I awoke abruptly from a frightening dream. It was sufficiently scary that I wrote in my diary that night: "dreamed looked out window and saw huge tower of brown smoke--realized it was a nuke bomb (no flash) and saw the shock wave coming towards me..." It wasn't until two weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks that I realized that the strange squar-ish smoke tower I saw was a World Trade Center tower and the shock wave was the emotional and political shock that resulted from the attack.

The day of the attack I was sitting at my desk, the second day of a new temporary legal secretary job, and suddenly I had the unusual desire to listen to the radio that was sitting in the corner. I turned it on and heard of the first of four terrible acts which gave the state an excuse to go to war, consolidate its power, and turn us all into potential terrorists in their little black books. I left soon after the second tower was hit because I didn't want to get stuck downtown in case they stopped running the trains.

Last Tuesday night, ten years later, I dreamed a scary dream of a bad thing happening downtown. Two days later the news blared that "intelligence" said just such a thing might happen. Hopefully, it's just government and media hype to keep us scared. Probably certain "foreign friends" trying to play nice - even if they have to make up their intelligence - as they keep pushing us to fight yet another war for their security.

Justin Raimondo has an interesting article: 9/11 and the Bizarro Effect. He writes: What if you had information that foreign government officials, utilizing their resources in the United States, were plotting to drag America into a ruinous war, using their connections with key American lawmakers and the media to get members of Congress and the public on board – what would you do? ...In a secret trial in which not even the judge was allowed to look at the evidence, FBI translator and human rights blogger Shamai Leibowitz, an Israeli-American lawyer, was sentenced to 20 months in prison for the “crime” of exposing Israel’s extensive efforts to influence American policymakers to support a strike against Iran...Yes, the US routinely spies on everyone, including its ostensible allies, but this case ought to set off alarm bells: clearly our spooks are very concerned about what the Israelis are up to in this country, and have been for quite some time. Add to this the vindictive nature of Leibowitz’s prosecution, and it’s not stretching the truth to say the government is clearly panicked Israel’s covert activities in the US could become public knowledge...What apparently triggered the FBI monitoring and investigation of, including myself, was our extensive coverage of Israeli covert activities in the US, particularly a number of my columns on the subject...

Yup, cover Israeli spying, and tell people about U.S. spying on Israel spying, and you must be a terrorist! Government needs enemies to pump up its power, and here we are.

I still haven't gotten around to arranging and recording this song and making the music video, but for a second times, here are the words:

They said I love you - song lyrics

It was on a bright September day
When any kind of harm seemed far away
When suddenly came horror from the sky
With little time to think or wonder why
Three thousand souls were taken.

But those who truly knew the end was near,
And called outside to those they held so dear,
Did they speak of hatred and revenge
And did they say America avenge,
No, they said I love you.

But love was just the last thing on the minds
of those who saw an opportunity to find,
A way to kill and loot and sack,
To scream of evil and attack,
And show they’re above you.

And then they carried out their wicked plans,
With weapons that are cruelest among mans,
Two countries lay in ruins, and still they try
To spread their dirty wars with dirty lies
And they think they’ve fooled you.

But those whose deaths were the excuse,
For all the murder and abuse
Did they speak of hatred and revenge
And did they say America avenge,
No, they said I love you.
No, they said I love you.
No, they said I love you.

(c) Carol Moore 2002; 2010

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