Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waco photos - continuing coverup of Davidian Massacre

Just a few items to remind us that the Federal Bureau of Investigation murdered 76 Branch Davidians - mostly women, children and elderly - on April 19, 1993. 51 days after AFT murdered six others.

Starting with the bottom line, which the government and media cover up to this day:

ATF, FBI and Department of Justice people most responsible:
And don't forget the Murderer in Chief who, according to a former advisor, was totally in charge of the operation. Clinton later angrily exclaimed: I was, frankly, surprised would be a mild word, to say that anyone that would suggest that the Attorney General should resign because some religious fanatics murdered themselves.The ATF crimes the FBI had to cover up by destroying evidence and killing witnesses:
Photo shows bullet holes at front door where David Koresh and his father-in-law were shot as Koresh tried to cooperate and take a search warrant. Agents later claimed the warrant had gotten "all shot up in the truck." Koresh's father-in-law died a few days later.
How the Davidians really felt during the 51 day siege:
How the FBI made sure it destroyed the evidence and killed witnesses:
How proud the FBI was of its work:
Some of the victims memorialized in a 1997 quilt display on the Mall in Washington, D.C.:
Just a sample of the constant Committee for Waco Justice activism 1994-2001:

The Supreme Court ruled in June, 2000 that the Davidian prisoners' 25 year sentences for possessing a gun in commission of a crime for which the jury found them innocent was unconstitutional. All were freed by 2007.
George W. Bush did not free them early...

Check out my book THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE for more details.

"Carol Moore has done more research on Waco than anyone else. Her book pulls together many of the most shocking details of government abuses that a reader cannot find anywhere else." James Bovard, author of Lost Rights

"I am indebted to Carol Moore's well-documented work, The Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco Which Must Be Answered (1995)". Ambrose Evans-Prichard in notes in his The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.

Update 4/27/11: Listening to a representative of the Israel Project debate a Palestinian activist on RussiaToday, I had a real deja vu to Waco. The mighty power pretending to negotiate with the captive victims while it takes more and more land, sets up a tighter perimeter, drives the captives to irrational acts and then claims they are the culprits and the mighty power is just trying to help them.

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