Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Metro: check escalator brakes, not random bags

Looks like the Washington DC metro is going to keep randomly checking passenger bags. No one has objected enough to get arrested yet. A lot of people are probably just walking to the next metro since they evidently put a big sign outside the metro stops where they are searching. Found these funny posts on a message board used by frequent travelers:

GHF: RT @Tracktwentynine: Attention Terrorists: #WMATA is checking bags at Archives. Consider walking to Gallery Place or L'Enfant Plaza. Federal Triangle also close.

...CP: I'd feel safer traveling the DC Metro if they could just keep the escalators from collapsing and making giant heaps of people. That really is a safety/security hazard, from the poor history of DC Metro escalator maintenance lately, not the "bogeyman in a bag."

See video below for the escalator accident. Glad I wasn't near the bottom with four 400 pound guys right behind me!! I'm going on the metro again tomorrow, third time since searches started. Will I get to be the first person arrested for asking too many questions or making too many snotty political comments? SELF-CONTROL, CAROL, self-control.

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