Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video: Dog Saves Road Injured Dog

While humans are busy killing each other because of silly ideas in their head, one dog in Chile pulled another hit by cars out of traffic. This Indian blogger agreed. Unfortunately, the injured dog died and its friend is one of the 200,000 wild dogs running around Santiago. Of course, a hungry pack of little dogs could be a scary site. Just like a hungry pack of humans.

But let's not get started on survivalism vs. cannibalism - or the book and movie THE ROAD, which I've read and seen. Or let's think about what happens as Peak Oil production skids to a halt, or nuke war breaks out, or sunspots fry all the electrical circuits on the planet, or some combination of the above, and governments try to manage things - for the benefit of the rich and well connected - instead of letting free people engage in free trade and mutual aid. So many issues, so little time to blog about them all.

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