Monday, June 22, 2009

Making fun of the reptilian brain...

George Carlin wrote in Complaints and Grievances, 2001: I realized some time ago that I'm not separate from nature just because I have a primate brain - an upper brain - because underneath the primate brain, there's a mammalian brain, and beneath the mammalian brain, there's a reptilian brain; and it's those two lower brains that made the upper brain possible in the first place. Here's the way it works: The primate brain says, "Give peace a chance." The mammalian brain says, "Give peace a chance, but first let's kill this motherfucker." And the reptilian brain says, "Let's just kill the motherfucker, go to the peace rally and get laid."

While it's often amusing to watch authoritarians like Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez stand up to U.S. imperialism, it's even more amusing to watch their subjects stand up to and make fun of them - like in video below. For much as they believe they are motivated by spiritual or politically progressive higher brain, in fact they are little reptiles using violence to grab and hold their territory and subjects.

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