Friday, May 01, 2009

Ron Paul on Secession

Ron Paul lays it on the line in a very libertarian way:
*Governor Perry was restating a principle long held - right to secession.
*After the civil war no one believes in that right but it's still a legitimate issue because all the states before the civil war believed they had a right to secede, including in New England.
*Liberals say it is treasonous. (Hey, Ron, find the ones who supported it when Bush won in 200 and 2004!)
*It's an American tradition - that’s how we came into being; 13 colonies seceded.
*The U.S. strongly supported republics seceding from Soviet Republic.
*If the right to secession had been admitted the federal government would have been restrained in it's growth over the years.
*Secession is voluntary; a free society means we can resolve the secession issue voluntarily.
*Wilson drove us into WWI so every country could have self-determination; Paul believes it is an American principle and we should discuss it here.
*We’ve been preached that republic is “indivisible” - but they don’t talk about who wrote the pledge - Francis Bellamy, an avowed socialist, in 1892.
*When the feds can’t deliver and the dollar collapses, then the independence of the states will come back and it won’t be unAmerican to decide what has to be done.

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