Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ron Paul Revolution Rally Great Turnout

The Ron Paul Revolution March and Rally got a great turnout - at very least 3,000 - on the west side of the capitol building on Saturday, July 12. It was too darn hot to drag my old bod down but lots of energetic liberty-loving young people were there and put up videos so we can all see how it went. So I'll make up for my absence by posting the best ones I saw so far. The big news from dozens of mainstream media outlets was that Ron Paul had - sort of - dropped out of the race. Good blog entry about event here. See Ron Paul speech and Naomi Klein speech and Michael Scheuer speech defending our civil liberties.

Here crowd is chanting "Ron Paul Revolution"! Just as loud as lefties chant - "Who's streets? Our streets!"

LeakTheTruth has a bunch of good ones, including marchers booing the I.R.S. building:

OneVisionProductions has a few videos of the march itself. Some other good photos here and photos and video here.

Someone interviewed Iraq Veteran against the War Adam Kokesh talking about impeachment and includes Ron Paul's speech.

See "Fascist Cops" versus Free Speech Profanity in this video. See short one on cops versus Guy Fawkes masks here.

Search July 12 Revolution March on for more!

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pastormike said...

Like the Ron Paul speech, I am still hoping he will give in and become the VP on the LP ticket. They have a sight commited to seeing this happen. Its
Go sign the petition!
Go Ron Paul REVOLUTION...!!!

You might be able to sign the Petitioin at as well