Monday, June 02, 2008

American and Jewish Consciousness Shifting on Israel/Palestine

Blogger Philip Weiss makes a hopefully accurate assessment on his blog Mondoweiss. Go to link for whole May 21st entry.

[T]here has been a tremendous change in American consciousness, and the Jewish consciousness of Israel/Palestine in the last year. Jimmy Carter deserves great credit, so does Jonathan Demme, so do Walt and Mearsheimer, so do all the capillaries of the progressive movement, from the late great Hilda Silverman to the great Hannah Mermelstein to Adam Horowitz, who will be speaking tonight on the Nakba in Brooklyn, along with Zachary Lockman of NYU. There, I have just run off a few Jewish names without scratching my head. We are legion, and we are having a real effect. So is Obama. So is the Nakba recognition movement, which has shifted the focus from '67 landgrab to '48 landgrab. Israelis are panicked.Anti-Zionist Jews at a 2005 (top) and 2007 (bottom) protests of AIPAC conference. June 3rd DC peace activists will be doing another one.

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