Monday, May 05, 2008

Video of Baby Boomer Turning 60

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, Japanese Children's Day, Europe Day and the birth day of Karl Marx and a lot of minor and not very memorable figures - including me. Now don't all you identity thieves go running out to buy cars and houses under my identity!

Anyway, I made a fun collection of video and photo clips of my life set to a bouncy version of the birthday song. Leaving out a number of significant others so I don’t get a lot of complaining emails! Ain’t modern technology wonderful?


Harold Thomas said...

Many happy returns you, ... you ... SEXAGENARIAN!

Though I'm not sure why I'm commenting, since your pink T-shirt informed me that all men are pigs (sure that isn't profiling)?

I'll hit that mark two years and two days from now. (Ain't it fun being a Taurus??!)

CarolMooreReport said...

What's really funny is that the guy who gave me the pink MEN ARE PIGS t-shirt turned out later to be a closet bisexual who cheated on his women and boasted about it and admitted to an unhealthy attraction to young kids (which he said he was too chicken to act on). So he knew of which he spoke!!