Friday, April 18, 2008

15 Years Since Feds Massacred at Waco

I just watched the year 2000 Star Trek Voyager episode called "Memorial" about a beacon that sends the experience of a government massacre of 82 people to whoever passes the otherwise empty planet where it happened. Coincidentally this show aired the day before the April 19th 15th anniversay of 76 of the 82 Branch Davidians being killed at their Mount Carmel ranch near Waco, Texas. In writing my book The Davidian Massacre I relived that experience myself for two years.

Now that the Davidian property has been taken over by a competing faction, the 82 trees and stones that were the members' memorial to their familes and friends has been dismantled, though a group of supporters' stone memorial has been allowed to remain. The greater memorial is that when Texas law enforcement went into the Yearning for Zion Ranch over accusations of child abuse, they didn't go in shooting.

However, as television footage clear showed, the Texas Rangers went in with their own armored vehicle, and all the officers were armored more like soldier than peace officers. So there's no doubt that Texas is ready to get it on against any citizens who tick them off. Below is a 16 part video that I haven't watched, but it evidently includes a lot of interviews with Davidian survivors. (See update on this post below.)

Update: On April 20th Eric Dondero (see my expose here) posted an idiotic and factually inaccurate blog entry entitled "Mormon Polygamist Compound Raid in Texas: Where's Carol Moore and all those left-libertarian Anti-BATF Waco demonstrators now?" My reply to his inaccuracies is on the page, (including the comment: "(We're also against slave contracts where immigrant or poor women agree to marry men who then abuse them, stating that's part of the contract"). CNN actually linked to it at the "From the blogs" section at the bottom of this article about the section.

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Vigilante said...

The Branch Davidians in Waco constituted just another closed, secretive, sexually abusive cult that was left to fester unattended too long, with horrific consequences. David Koresh was a charlatan and a false prophet. The tragedy at Mount Carmel in '93 will forever be on his head.