Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bird Poops on Bush - And Every One Reports it Like That!

Dang, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to Bush's press conference playing on television as I did my thing online today. Luckily, more alert reporters did!
Bird Poop As Political Commentary
Truthdig, CA - 1 hour ago President George W. Bush was busy praising embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at a press conference on Thursday when a bold sparrow swooped ...
A sign from the heavens?
MSNBC - 2 hours ago There is so much control a president and his handlers can have during a Rose Garden press conference. Today, while President Bush was asked about the ...
Yup, MSNBC news rubs it in too.
And MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is having lots of fun with the poop incident - and the fact Bush kept reminding reporters THEIR children would die when the evil terrorists come over here, if we leave Iraq without "winning."

Yes, the universe is speaking to Bush, through one tiny spec of its consciousness. But it's unlikely Bush is listening. Well, little birds, try again!! (Hmmm, can they get me under the Patriot Act for sending vivid psychic images to the birds of Washington, DC???)

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