Thursday, April 26, 2007

FINALLY! Real Impeachment Articles Issued -Video!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has started the ball rolling with articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. However, as my my fun video shows, Daniel Ellsberg, Cindy Sheehan, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, activist Tina Richards and the Code Pink Chorus were shooting for the whole enchilada - Bush and Cheney.
More information at
IMPEACH07.ORG including about April 28th Impeachment events.
Love the red IMPEACH NOW sign? It's being recycled from the Impeach Clinton movement which I supported heartily, in large part because of his cover up of the Waco massacre.
See my Impeach Clinton protest photos
here and here!
I sell IMPEACH BUSH CHENEY, NO MORE EXCUSES t-shirts, etc. at my page. And I sell the IMPEACH THE BASTARD button to cover all the bases at my RadicalButtons.Com Impeach Bush page. Hmmm, probably should offer the t-shirt, too! More photos here.

Photographer seated, behind camera, asked a truly frightening and even shocking question: "Even if 100% of American people wanted impeachment, how could you ever convince congress?" Is the media so convinced that democracy is dead in this country that they could ask such a question? David Swanson who answered with all the reasons Congress would have to listen, also was amazed by the question when I talked to him about it later.
And people wonder why I preach radically decentralized, direct, supermajority democracy -- and the strategy of SECESSION.

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