Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Dear Woman" - male video apology a good start....

Listing of many of the ways males have screwed women over through the ages, apologies for it, and promises to do better. Now all these guys have to do is read my article WOMAN Vs. THE NATION STATE and get behind the movement to dissolve large patriarchal nation states and militaries and replace them with voluntarily organized communities, cities, etc. ala

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waco photos - continuing coverup of Davidian Massacre

Just a few items to remind us that the Federal Bureau of Investigation murdered 76 Branch Davidians - mostly women, children and elderly - on April 19, 1993. 51 days after AFT murdered six others.

Starting with the bottom line, which the government and media cover up to this day:

ATF, FBI and Department of Justice people most responsible:
And don't forget the Murderer in Chief who, according to a former advisor, was totally in charge of the operation. Clinton later angrily exclaimed: I was, frankly, surprised would be a mild word, to say that anyone that would suggest that the Attorney General should resign because some religious fanatics murdered themselves.The ATF crimes the FBI had to cover up by destroying evidence and killing witnesses:
Photo shows bullet holes at front door where David Koresh and his father-in-law were shot as Koresh tried to cooperate and take a search warrant. Agents later claimed the warrant had gotten "all shot up in the truck." Koresh's father-in-law died a few days later.
How the Davidians really felt during the 51 day siege:
How the FBI made sure it destroyed the evidence and killed witnesses:
How proud the FBI was of its work:
Some of the victims memorialized in a 1997 quilt display on the Mall in Washington, D.C.:
Just a sample of the constant Committee for Waco Justice activism 1994-2001:

The Supreme Court ruled in June, 2000 that the Davidian prisoners' 25 year sentences for possessing a gun in commission of a crime for which the jury found them innocent was unconstitutional. All were freed by 2007.
George W. Bush did not free them early...

Check out my book THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE for more details.

"Carol Moore has done more research on Waco than anyone else. Her book pulls together many of the most shocking details of government abuses that a reader cannot find anywhere else." James Bovard, author of Lost Rights

"I am indebted to Carol Moore's well-documented work, The Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco Which Must Be Answered (1995)". Ambrose Evans-Prichard in notes in his The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.

Update 4/27/11: Listening to a representative of the Israel Project debate a Palestinian activist on RussiaToday, I had a real deja vu to Waco. The mighty power pretending to negotiate with the captive victims while it takes more and more land, sets up a tighter perimeter, drives the captives to irrational acts and then claims they are the culprits and the mighty power is just trying to help them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day 2011

Don't ask me why it's the 18th instead of the 15th.
Update: Greg Reagle of DC War Tax Resisters was interviewed by Adam Kokesh on his "Adam vs. the Man" April 18th Russia Today television show centering on tax day (at 22:50). Good show - watch it all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Depleted Uranium Now Used in Libya

As both and RussiaToday below report, there's evidence NATO (US/Britain/France) are using depleted uranium bombs on Gaddafi tanks, spreading radioactive dust all over Libya, just like they have all over Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. This leaves a legacy of many seriously deformed children and a much higher level of deadly cancers in the short and long run. Shame on all of us for not fighting this ongoing nuclear catastrophe perpetrated by our own government.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adam vs. The Man now regular on Russia Today

Adam Kokesh, a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, served in the Iraq War in 2004. He came back opposed to the war and became active in the peace movement. He also ran for Congress as a libertarian Republican in 2010.

I met him when we were both arrested at an April 2007 protest in a Senate office building - him deliberately (see photo), me unintentionally, after shooting my mouth off yelling "It is the right of the people to alter or abolish government." He gallantly gave me a short term loan of $50 so I wouldn't have to spend the night in jail! (See my blog item and video of protest and my arrest.)

Anyway, after starting his "Adam vs. the Man" radio show in 2010 he graduated on April 11th to having a half hour "Adam vs. the Man" television program on Russia Today, a show that lets all sorts of critics of U.S. imperialism spiel away. (See his web page of same name here.) Hey, if your own government discourages critics of itself or its favorite allon its government controlled media (Phil Donohue/Ashleigh Banfield/Rosie O'Donnell/Octavia Nasr/
Rick Sanchez/Keith Olberman, where are you?), you have to look to some other government's controlled media to get another perspective!

Below is his second show in which he interviews a couple other veterans of similar perspective, shows a photo of and tells the story of his own defacto torture of a couple of detainees in Fallujah, and shows video of scary U.S. military operations during the Katrina disaster where shoot first and ask questions later was the rules of engagement. Keep up the good work, Adam!

Mexicans Protest US supported Military Crackdown on Drugs

From Vermont Commons blog: This Is What History Looks Like in Mexico by Al Giordano - April 7, 2011:

Yesterday, multitudes took to the streets in more than 40 Mexican cities - and in protests by Mexicans and their friends at consulates and embassies in Europe, North America and South America - to demand an end to the violence wrought by the US-imposed "war on drugs."...

A sea change has occurred in Mexican public opinion. The people have turned definitively against the use of the Mexican Army to combat against drug traffickers. The cry from every city square yesterday was for the Army to return to its barracks and go back to doing the job it was formed to do; protect Mexico from foreign invasion and provide human aid relief in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Since President Felipe Calderón unleashed the Armed Forces, four years ago, to combat drug trafficking organizations, the violence between it and the competing narco organizations has led to a daily body count, widespread human rights abuses against civilians, and more than 40,000 deaths... (Read more at link; video below.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150th Anniversay of a Barely Relevant Event

April 12th is the 150th anniversary of the first battle of the U.S. Civil War, the attack on Fort Sumter. Of course, this was a civil war mostly about states rights to impose slavery - plus several other lesser complaints about the federal government.
Future secessionist efforts by states, regions, counties, cities will be about getting out from under the slavery imposed by an authoritarian central government that thinks it has the right to commandeer our monies and our lives to serve the ends of rich and/or well organized special interests, in and out of government. Now some secessionists DO have delusions that they will be able to impose their particular political, economic, religious, cultural or other views on the newly independent entities. And foolish or wicked people always will follow corrupt leaders - from ideologues to kleptocrats - who woo them with demagoguery or bribes. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance - and political processes which can insure such liberty survives.

See my relevant articles listed at And check out my recent Youtube talk on the subject as described at this blog entry. And see amusing video below.

Update - Other commentary of interest on today's anniversary: A CNN poll found that 67 percent of Americans support the North over the South in the Civil War. Meanwhile 53 percent think slavery was the main reason the south seceded and 42 percent do not.

Of course, how does one define main reason? Given variety of individual and state motives, amount of publicity given various issues, and political spin given to the whole war afterward, and especially by the victors, it's not a topic for scientific exactitude.

Lew Rockwell today makes the point that people are taught in school and via media that the ONLY reason for secession was slavery and the abolitionist Lincoln had to fight the war primarily to free the slaves. Rockwell provides various evidence that that interpretation is propaganda. So it's interesting that CNN asked the question and got various answers.

John Blake writing at CNN lists four reasons that "we're still fighting the Civil War" - i.e., parallels to that time: The disappearance of the political center; How much power should the federal government have? (Nullification, states' rights and secession are issues once again); Unleashing the dogs of war (Civil war lasted longer than expected, like Iraq and Afghanistan); The president as dictator (Obama seen as one, just as Lincoln was - and both usurped power).

He quotes an historian who writes people haven't come to a conclusion because they can't deal with the past of slavery. But I think perhaps the historian and John Blake can't deal with the fact that the federal government has made us all slaves.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Israelis protest "occupation" by Africans & Phillipinos

It's nearly impossible for a non-Jew to become a legal Israeli resident. These Israeli protesters are going nuts because allegedly 200,000 Africans, Asians and others have "infiltrated" illegally. Hmmmm... what goes around comes around??

Friday, April 08, 2011

Old combustion engine going way of horse & buggy

According to MSNBC researchers at Michigan State University have built a prototype gasoline engine that requires no transmission, crankshaft, pistons, valves, fuel compression, cooling systems or fluids. Their so-called Wave Disk Generator could greatly improve the efficiency of gas-electric hybrid automobiles and potentially decrease auto emissions up to 90 percent when compared with conventional combustion engines. Watch the video.

Shut down federal government - for good

Quick, before they come to a compromise, let me blog. While I hardly agree with the Republican namby pamby and politically motivated budget cuts, I agree less with Democrats refusal to cut much at all. The good news for those of us who want to see an end to the welfare/warfare state is the large nation state will destroy itself. The bad news is we'll suffer like everyone else. So we must be quick to provide good solutions and alternatives. Until I made a political or music video about that, here's this oldie but goodie...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Primacy of Consciousness

First of seven uploads. Like I say, consciousness is the nature and the purpose of reality. Listen and report!

Friday, April 01, 2011

"Is war predictable?" - video

Cycles researcher Ray Tomes has put up this interesting video showing evidence of the various cycles of war, related to 11 and 22 year sunspot cycles. See the War Cycles Wikipedia article for more info. (But don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia!)