Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adam vs. The Man now regular on Russia Today

Adam Kokesh, a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, served in the Iraq War in 2004. He came back opposed to the war and became active in the peace movement. He also ran for Congress as a libertarian Republican in 2010.

I met him when we were both arrested at an April 2007 protest in a Senate office building - him deliberately (see photo), me unintentionally, after shooting my mouth off yelling "It is the right of the people to alter or abolish government." He gallantly gave me a short term loan of $50 so I wouldn't have to spend the night in jail! (See my blog item and video of protest and my arrest.)

Anyway, after starting his "Adam vs. the Man" radio show in 2010 he graduated on April 11th to having a half hour "Adam vs. the Man" television program on Russia Today, a show that lets all sorts of critics of U.S. imperialism spiel away. (See his web page of same name here.) Hey, if your own government discourages critics of itself or its favorite allon its government controlled media (Phil Donohue/Ashleigh Banfield/Rosie O'Donnell/Octavia Nasr/
Rick Sanchez/Keith Olberman, where are you?), you have to look to some other government's controlled media to get another perspective!

Below is his second show in which he interviews a couple other veterans of similar perspective, shows a photo of and tells the story of his own defacto torture of a couple of detainees in Fallujah, and shows video of scary U.S. military operations during the Katrina disaster where shoot first and ask questions later was the rules of engagement. Keep up the good work, Adam!

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