Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pope Retires to Smoke Dope??

I confess, when I heard the Pope was retiring I WAS SHOCKED!!!  Even though it has been almost 49 years since I stopped being a Catholic at the age of 16 in 1964. (Read details here.) And then today I couldn't turn the channel and just let CNN keep showing the Pope retiring, speechifying, walking down the hall, getting into the chopper, etc.

I hope he does smoke some good dope for whatever ails him - and even better dope to experience a dissassociation from the foolish emotions and thoughts of this world so he can experience some Pure Consciousness!!

How can one not think of the priest in a pretty robe speaking a pretty foreign language in a sing songy voice without smiling a bit.  (Especially when one forgets how bored out of ones gourd one was during mass.) Not having gone to Catholic school and barely remembering the horrors of Sunday school (or was it Thursday Catechism study with the nuns at the Catholic school?), I'm not as damaged by the self-denying self-destructiveness of the religion, especially for females. Except as it was the common code of the female when I was growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s, reinforced to some extent by a not very observant family. 

Two of my father's sisters were nuns and there were expectations that smarty pants Carol would follow in their footsteps, but I disappointed. Thank Mary Magdalene! One of the nuns left the order in the 70s and married a run-away priest!

My father was a firm atheist all his life until senility set in in his late 70s.  After that it was back to the church and the blessings of Popery, followed by a fine Priestified burial of the ashes. I admit, I was worried about my own Senility by my reaction to the pope's retirement.  I better get some good MJ or something - or meditate - to make sure my senile urges towards universal consciousness don't get hijacked by some patriarchal religion. YUUUKY!!!!

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