Monday, March 31, 2008

Carol Went to See the Beatles - and Now It's in a Book

This fun book "We're Going to See the Beatles" includes interviews with Beatles' fans who saw them in person - including me! It has several passages from my adventures seeing them twice in 1964. (Note my blog description above - "Imagine there's no countries, and no religion too.") The book is available at Amazon.Com.

As I wrote, in part, in an earlier blog entry about the Beatles and the Apocalypse of Love:

In 1964, at sixteen years, I had three experiences which helped me leave the constrictions of the Catholic faith. I read most of Ayn Rand’s novels, which raved against religion of any kind. I had my first spontaneous experience of the universe as being one connected consciousness and of my being part of that consciousness. And finally at the end of the summer of 1964 I saw the Beatles twice in person, August 30 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and September 20 in New York City. (Yes, I am one of the anointed ones!)
Before the latter concert four of us went exploring through the upstairs halls. We separated at a staircase when a guard appeared. Our friends who went down the staircase ended up at the entrance to the Beatles' reception room! They saw two live Beatles! My sister and I ran the other way and ended up in the lobby. I've always seen that as the great symbol of the many missed opportunities in my life.

Of course I say something more positive in the book which also is true: I think about it from time to time when I'm having decisions in my life - should I take the more conservative or aggressive route - and I think of those stairs and I think, "I gotta go down those stairs!" 'Cause I don't know what I'd miss if I don't.

Well, now that my arm is out of a cast and at least two fingers on my left hand can type, I've run out of excuses for laying on my butt watching TV all day. It's back to fulfilling my New Year's Resolutions!

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