Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did feminists kidnap Jesus' body??

Second of two parts on spiritual reflections on patriarchal religion versus the reality of conscious as the nature and meaning of reality...
Last night watched part of a history channel show about Jesus' 40 days on earth after he rose from the dead. (Geez, forgot all about that part.)  Saw the images of the women going to Jesus tomb and finding his body gone. Heard various speculations about what happened. Brief mentions of the Magdalene Gospels found in the 1800s revived fleeting memories of her possibly being his chosen successor. Mention of Jesus first appearing to Mary Magdalene and then to others who didn't recognize him, blah blah blah... Got bored and changed the channel to watch an NCIS repeat out of the corner of my eye while I edited a certain favorite wiki.

Today, watching CNN glorify all things Catholic Christian, hearing talk about "when will women be allowed to be priests" - wondering When Will There Be A Woman Pope!! - the mind wandered into a thought:

What if Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary and the other women stole Jesus' body to start the rumor of his rising from the dead, with Mary Magdalene being the first witness??  Maybe no one else recognized him because he was a hired actor? Maybe it was all a feminist plot to make the more feminist teachings of Jesus, influenced by that arch-feminist Mary M., the ruling and reforming movement of Patriarchal Judaism?  (Obviously, the plot failed and the patriarch's coopted the movement.)

When I get time I'll research who else has uncovered the plot. It's so obvious, I can't be the first! Will report at some point... Wee, thanks Mr. Pope for inspiring that great insight!!

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