Saturday, March 09, 2013

Rand Paul filibuster - last gasp of civil liberties?!?

It's been 60 odd hours since quasi-libertarian Senator Rand Paul ended his filibuster in the United States to protest Obama's refusal to say "No I Won't Use Drones to Kill Americans on US Soil Without Due Process." Obama's Attorney General did finally write back and say "No, we won't use drones against Americans on US soil." (The heck with all them thousands of foreigners we have and will continue to murder via drone.) DO WE HAVE LIBERTY YET? Ha. Ha. 

One could drive a caterpillar bulldozer through the "caveat": as long as they aren't about to do imminent attacks on... anyone... (i.e., if they are alleged to have a gun on the premises at the time, one that could so easily be planted by police or feds, well that drone strike was hunky dory). 

Among the few Republican Senators (and one Democrat) supporting Paul was Ted Cruz, who I have identified as possibly our Future Fuhrer. In one of my rare tweets after he spoke I wrote: "Ted Cruz insulted Chuck Hagel like a Hawk warmonger; would Cruz defend our rights if a GOP warmonger was Prez?"
Anyway, the filibuster briefly got the attention of a lot of sleeping Americans, and that's the good news. But after that it's back to watching network cop/counter-terrorism shows or Spartacus on Starz. Both types of shows give you the message that whether you are a cop/fed or a rebel, bloddy and thoughtless killing is the only modus operandi for achieving you ends. 

I've been seriously considering PRAYING - (no, not to the Pope) - if that's what it takes to get me out of my own obese and lazy funk in order to help lead the NONVIOLENT decentralist revolution. 

Or I can just repeat this mantra a couple dozen times a day: "Oh, universal consciousness, let me connect with your evolution to enlightenment and drop all the barbed wire barriers to my physical, emotional and intellectual enlightenment so I can experience and express pure love and creativity and create a world based on the highest chakra principles and the golden rule..." 

Hmmm, no wonder they just chant "OOOOOOOMMMMM".

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