Monday, October 29, 2012

Apocalypse Sandy

August 2011 it was Hurrican Irene and 60 hours without power.  See my blog entry from that event here.

Now it's Hurricane Sandy, sex indeterminate. And probably 4+ days without power.  I can even reuse my emergency preparation photo, except this year I have a souped-up crank up radio, stronger LED lamps and a cooler to keep stuff more frozen.  Thank heavens the back door blew in during the big July 2012 storm and 3 windows broke cause now we have a new back wall/door/storm door, a new front storm door, six new windows and glazed up a bunch of old ones! 

What is the meaning of it all, one week before our large eared president (geez, I only noticed when he was visiting FEMA today) faces off against the Mormon Messiah.  I'll spend a few days free of the internet and see what wondrous, holistic thoughts come to mind.... Have fun fellow Hurricane Survivors!!

Update: Uh, oh, Thanks to Russia Today, the only ones who will tell you, the funs over: Concerns on the rise as Hurricane Sandy expected to hit 26 nuclear power plants   Dang, it's the midwest or California that's supposed to suffer the first big meltdown, not Calvert Cliffs.  Quick, Hire a Van!!!

Update 2: Wow, we survived with power and only a blown down bamboo fence! This guy mocked the apocalypse and see what happened to him!

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