Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Apocalypse??

Yep, that August 23 earthquake in Virginia gave me a good scare in DC, even though it was the second strongest I felt. The first being in California in 1987 - and I left town 6 weeks later. And now we have big scary hurricane Irene charging up the coast to rip out the air conditioners and the window frames and backdoor - the house needs remodeling anyway. What next, the Beatles reunite and we have the Apocalypse of Love? A girl can dream....

UPDATE with PHOTOS: Phew, survived yet another brush with death and destruction. Yet given the ignorance of males and the females who enable it, the short term blasts and burps of the planet and the cosmos, and the inevitable entropy (run down) of our sun, let's enjoy life while we may!

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