Thursday, September 09, 2010

They all died for lies...

As we enter the anniversary of the September 11th attacks we see incredible trumped up hatred being directed against all Muslims for the acts of a few fanatics who were pissed off about the U.S. lies about Israel's right to stolen land, the U.S.'s need for troops in Saudi Arabia, and the legitimacy of the various middle east tyrants the U.S. supports. (And of course the ranks of these fanatics have only grown because of the over-reaction of the United States government to the attacks, as well as its support for Israel's continued brutal attacks that killed thousands of Muslim and Christian Arab Palestinians in 2002, 2006 and 2008-2009.)

Today the media relishes giving publicity to the propaganda attacks on the mosque and community center being built two blocks from "ground zero." And it keeps featuring and covering the antics of a ridiculous publicity-seeking fundamentalist minister and his plan to burn a Koran on September 11th. The hatred against Muslims, and much of the media coverage, is instigated by Israel supporters who want to keep all that stolen Arab land, Republicans who would rather get elected on bigotry against Muslims and Latino immigrants than promises to cut back out of control government, neoconservatives who want to rule America and the world and make us all their stupid dupes, and fundamentalists eager to have Jesus come back and kill everyone who doesn't convert to their version of Christianity. They all need Americans to hate Muslims to justify their own evil agendas. People who hate are more easily manipulated than those who do not.

What more needs to be said? Here's the lyrics to one song, yet unproduced, about the misuse of the September 11th attacks, followed by my produced music video I DIED FOR A LIE. It is dedicated to the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan for the lie that the Taliban wouldn't cooperate in catching Bin Laden and in Iraq for the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and a means to get them to the United States.

"They Said I love You" - song lyrics

It was on a bright September day

When any kind of harm seemed far away
When suddenly came horror from the sky
With little time to think or wonder why
Three thousand souls were taken.

But those who truly knew the end was near,
And called outside to those they held so dear,
Did they speak of hatred and revenge
And did they say America avenge,
No, they said I love you.

But love was just the last thing on the minds
of those who saw an opportunity to find,
A way to kill and loot and sack,
To scream of evil and attack,
And show they’re above you.

And then they carried out their wicked plans,
With weapons that are cruelest among mans,
Two countries lay in ruins, and still they try
To spread their dirty wars with dirty lies
And they think they’ve fooled you.

But those whose deaths were the excuse,
For all the murder and abuse
Did they speak of hatred and revenge
And did they say America avenge,
No, they said I love you.
No, they said I love you.
No, they said I love you.
(C) Carol Moore 2002; 2010

"I Died for a Lie" - music video

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