Sunday, September 19, 2010

There goes the sun...

Below is the music video of my song HERE COMES THE SOLSTICE SUN. The solstices being the longest and the shortest days of the year.

Of course, we are on the verge of an equinox, those two days of the year when the day light and night time hours are both exactly 12 hours. After a spring and summer hot enough to convince you global warming is here, it's good to feel the cool and see the sun go down early. Of course I'll be crying into my hot cocoa if we have another winter of repeated massive snow falls like last winters'. Geez, I haven't even put together my video of that yet. (Mostly of the dog jumping in and out of snow drifts chasing her ball or playing queen of the snow mountain.)

I used to get depressed after Christmas thinking how much longer winter would last. Until I was around 22 - forty years ago, gee willikers --and learned about the solstices and that the days actually started getting longer after the winter solstice. And I discovered the then still scandalous knowlege that in fact that's what all the celebration was about in the first place!

Equinoxes don't seem like something to get quite as excited about. But the truth is that many cultures celebrate both, as well as the midpoints between them. (That's what Halloween is.) I'm all for creative rituals and celebrations around such natural events - as opposed to the politicized patriarchal celebrations based on stories and myths whose purpose is to create and maintain male privilege, dominance and supremacy, while keeping the captive females subservient. Yup, burning - or stoning - witches who celebrate those natural turning points has long been a patriarchal vice. And still ongoing in some religiously backward nations worldwide. Sigh...

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